Science Theory #1 Notes/Interview

Science Theory #1
AO: What does what?
LJ: What does what is deceiving
LJ: Definition of science: Elemental units measured in programs given direction via technology languages and digital platforms.
LJ: Science utilizes programs to manufacture products
LJ: Currently most culinary products are digitally grown
AO: What does what of programming?
LJ: Concentration or consolidation of programs could make a bomb or a spacecraft
AO: The programmed pill
LJ: Where to go? What to do? And for how long?
AO: The programmed shampoo
LJ: What to be? Where to go? What to do?
AO: The programmed culinary
LJ: What to be? where to go? how long to stay fresh?
“Programs of taste, flavor, preservative, appearance” LJ
“We are a programmed thing that also eats programs” LJ
“Even fruits and vegetables are programs” LJ
“Culinary Design” LJ
I can make a bomb in 2 days
And a fruit in 3 days
And a spacecraft in 4 days
And I’m on my way out the door
Science Notes 3/11/2013
Scientists hosting at all the eclipse parties

“You should never mix elements
What you make is the element”
“Create it and give it an original name”

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