Preview “Magic 8 and The Bone Marrow Sucker” by Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

“Magic 8 & The Bone Marrow Sucker” has a love affair between Queen Serwah and Little Jinn who is “The Bone Marrow Sucker.” “Magic 8” relates to the books investment in the study of a “logical Black Magic” and the “8” is specifically for spiders or relates to 81 “magic and flight.” While living in Puerto Rico Ms. Osei-Bonsu was confronted with four live tarantulas consecutively, all of which she managed to kill. Black Magic related Ms. Osei-Bonsu to a fantasy she has about the American South and slavery where she thinks under duress it may become logical and available basic ideas in Black Magic. Ms. Osei-Bonsu uses many musical and theatrical voices and the reader hears singing. She has written notes on beauty, love and sensuality that are a part of her New Thought Research. The book represents a meaningful and delightful collection of poems.  “Magic 8 and The Bone Marrow Sucker” is due out the end of June 2017,

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