Research on Ken Ing, Originator of “King”

Research on Ken Ing, Originator of “King”

A Breakdown of Royalty Designated by Ken Ing

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

Independent Syndicated Writer


Within research about the Chinese Manufacturer Ken Ing, I found out that royalty relates to manufacturing. Ken Ing originated “King” as an acronym of his first and sir names. The “Ing” in King, relates to the Ing Dynasty. Ing can be found in English verbs and in the Spanish verb conjugation “ando” suggesting the doing and the doer. Ing relates to periods in manufacturing, work, and all action in terms of verbs. All Kings according to Ken Ing relate to excellence in manufacturing.

The term of King originated in about 1000 BC according to Ken Ing. He said he was the first King and the seconds were mythical literary devices created for actors such as King Arthur and King Lear from Shakespeare. There are now the Three Kings of The Middle East who are papal figures and have several royal descendants.

The Ing Dynasty went through several periods in manufacturing that were big in China. The first 14 out of more than 75 periods are described as follows:

  • Ing Dynasty (Drinks)
  • Hunan Dynasty (Breads)
  • Chen Dynasty (Chicken & Poultry)
  • Pan Dynasty (Pans)
  • Sem Dynasty (Pork)
  • Sem 2 Dynasty (Beef)
  • Sem 3 Dynasty (Lamb)
  • Sem 4 Dynasty (Fish)
  • Sem 5 Dynasty (Bologna & Lunch Meats)
  • Sem 6 Dynasty (Eggs)
  • Sem 7 Dynasty (Bacon)
  • Sem 8 Dynasty (Spreads)
  • Sem 9 Dynasty (Vegetables)
  • Sem 10 Dynasty (Fruits)

African culture was designed by The Chinese.  Chinese are an engineering and manufacturing culture that relate to the “chine” root or machine. Chinese, it has been said invented engineering.

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