A Learned Man, Skyscrapers and Ships

We spoke at a time he was feeling low self-esteem and to bolster him, it was expressed to me an ability to build both skyscrapers and ships-“I am a learned man, he said.”

If I were to draft a letter to my children, it would include suggestions for their education and pursuit of knowledge. To get into “schools of knowledge” was my initial idea. I thought it was possible to work on what I call “Preparations” and select a time period or speak to an era.

For example, one professor’s internet profile: A Biologist, Researcher, Naturalist and Author. On another page, it read an Entomologist or Evolutionary Biologist. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see the myriad titles and credentials scholars and scientists have assumed over the ages?

Albert Einstein, the Founder of Earth, studied towards 17 degrees at Oxford University which include the following:

Albert Einstein’s 17 degrees were:

  • Writing
  • Math
  • Science
  • Engineering
  • Earth Science
  • Language
  • Culinary
  • Music
  • Accounting
  • Law
  • Geometry (Early Engineering tied to)
  • Algebra
  • Art
  • Painting
  • Manufacturing
  • Architecture
  • Building

I found it really intriguing that Geometry related to early Engineering. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a nice collection of old math books? I found algebra completely satisfying. I have enjoyed drafting simple formulas that I thought could be applied to an endowment strategy. One could obtain a lot of mileage out of an Algebra degree.

I have had many thoughts and built a research around education, knowledge, intelligence, learning, thinking abilities and wisdom. Wisdom can relate to the number of wise decisions one makes in their life. One can even work on their being to create an “Intelligent Being,” with perhaps intelligent hands or intelligent eyes or feet. I want to advance my hand. I thought my father had a beautiful penmanship from engineering school and drafting.

I think its important to work from a scaffolding of questions to “notch and notch”, work on the “keys to our existence” and existentialism.

The other day I was making notes about the “ciclo” or era which began with necessity and guided manufacturing.  One can draw a right angle to populate a list downwards that pertains to era then at a 45 degree angle illustrate in words a “cross thread” then on the horizontal mark apply your research.  Its possible to unlock something sage and begin to draw non-stop.

I would love to teach a “Crux Class” and cover Universe studies and Nuclear Energy.  It would be interesting to tell them to linger for 100 years or so and cover manifestation and pouring an idea into a form.  Become a “Future Thinker.”

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