Fit, Lean and Beautiful #1

“Fit, Lean and Beautiful”

Principal Investigator: Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu       10/28/2015

A recent tip from, a Scientist Researcher, suggested that weight gain and cardiovascular health were connected. The Scientist’s Theory was that fat lodges often around the abdominal region, due in part to the clogging of arteries while fat is in transit. The theory still currently researched in Ann Arbor, also states that a prescription strength Vitamin B-9 or Folic Acid could improve the condition of clogged arteries and ease weight loss. However, there are many avenues to weight loss including an “elimination plan”. Frequent closed system colonics such as the one at, La Vida Massage in Plymouth or Colon Hydrotherapy from Creative Life Flow in Ann Arbor, and even a $1 dollar bottle of Magnesium Citrate from Walmart can clear the colon and help one to shed a few pounds. The second theory is that a large percentage of the body’s weight may be in fecal matter which can be easily eliminated. Many of those distended “pot bellies” one sees around town may actually be colon impacted.

Weight loss can be investigated across a range of possibilities. Many people have successfully lost weight in the past eating lean, drinking carrot juice, doing a fast to alkaline the body using lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water and doing intensive sweaty yoga. It’s possible to “rev up” the metabolism by increasing fruits and vegetables.

One plan may be to map out the body with a personal trainer and assign different exercises to specific regions. For example, Tai Chi may be a good waist exerciser and yoga may be a good buttocks exerciser. Nia Dance, such as is taught at A2 Yoga in Ann Arbor, Michigan may teach a variety of dance movements and give one grace, beauty and a good sweaty overall workout. One might need to sweat to decrease in size; something tangible may need to occur, even tangible and psychological. Planet Fitness Membership includes a sun lamp tanning bed that appears to tighten the skin while tanning it which results in cellulite reduction. Planet Fitness has Personal Trainers, a stretching cage, cardiovascular, toning, and strengthening equipment, plus a 30 minute circuit of exercises.

Allied Fitness Solutions in Ann Arbor, Michigan practices targeted exercises and has been promoted by an Ob-Gyn as successful with mothers. Specific dots on the floor may target the shins or punching bags may provide a specific impact to the arms. Allied Fitness Solutions also promotes turning fat into muscle and utilizes weights. Allied Fitness Solutions uses a “home practice” and personal trainers teach and plan targeted exercises which are rumored to work. What if strategic dots were sold to adhere to one’s floor at home, for a home practice, modeled after Allied Fitness Solutions?

One Dietician in Ann Arbor said to Alkaline the body from a fat producing body to a lean alkaline physiology. This particular Dietician suggests one meal of fruit and vegetables and warm lemon water first thing in the morning. She also suggested collecting data of one’s daily consumption.

Many are afraid to lose weight without liposuction, skin retraction and a doctor’s care. Many people utilize “Sculptra” to reshape the body after weight loss and “Rolfing” to guide the body back to equilibrium. A Scientist casually told me, that the body “equalizes” when one part gains in weight, other parts adjust and also increase. For example, sometimes the nose may even spread with weight gain and equalization.

There are also fat melting pills that aren’t routinely prescribed by doctors that practically need to be lobbied as a low impact high resolution cure that could be utilized for weight loss. Fat melting pills could target specific parts of the body and could be developed with the assistance of pharmaceutical companies or perhaps an “Impact Investor” and a Pharmacologist.

A good trip to the Endocrinologist is also helpful to rule out a few possibilities of Pituitary problems or chemical imbalances. Weight gain seems inevitable unless one becomes really turned onto fitness, then it can be avoided. What would it take to end obesity? There are perhaps “many roads” to fit, lean and beautiful to explore. Research itself can even make weight loss enjoyable and intellectual. One student enjoyed weight loss so much, it lead her to enroll for a degree in Physical Education at Eastern Michigan University. The work of Dieticians is also inspiring. One has to gauge what equals beauty and align themselves there.

If one looks “fat” up in the dictionary it is described as a compound. In the realm of human design, what is fat? A Scientist in regards to fat said that “we can easily get rid of it (fat), we program it (fat) to go out.” Like the example of fat melting pills that are told where to go, what to do and for how long.

This writer heard through the “Science Grapevine” that fat is a latex gel that is programmed to melt with vigorous movement or exercise. Humans, this Scientist said, “should get rid of as much fat as possible….because it weighs the body down and you die from clogged arteries….it (fat) always clogs the arteries and Vitamin B-9 unclogs the arteries, but you have to get rid of the fat.”

This Scientist said, “To get a Lipo as quickly as possible all over your body,” and he said people die from carrying too much weight. He said the heart could stop from being too clogged. “Fat comes from all kinds of things such as foods, oils, carbs, drinks, fecal matter in the body,” he said. He tested a woman on a program on his computer and he said, “You have about 7 years to live unless you dramatically change your body right now.” “It will cost you about $3000 to get your heart unclogged, and to get your body unclogged $15,000 and Sculptra to reshape you, will cost about $17,000, and that’s it,” he said.  He may be right, this particular patient feels her heart may be clogged; she has been short of breath.

What to do if you need to get your heart unclogged may be to take specific herbs prescribed by a Naturopath. You can also just exercise and sweat out the clogging. Sweating in general, even sauna’s can be good to rid the body of fat and clogging of arteries. Fasting can also be good to rid the body of clogging. A sauna may be the best low impact and gentle way for someone who is short of breath and has clogged arteries.

Arbor Farms, Whole Foods and Castle Remedies in Ann Arbor have extensive selections of herbs and remedies. Whole Foods has a kiosk where experts are staffed that almost always come out to help you make a selection. A Naturopath at Creative Life Flow in Ann Arbor recommends assimilating foods using natural remedies such as Probiotics, Enzymes and Turmeric; those three may be in the little bag of tricks a Naturopath may use to reduce weight and increase energy.

What has worked as a “step one” for some people who may be over weight and find exercise difficult initially may be to try massage, colonic, walking (loops around your neighborhood or going to a downtown area), acupuncture, sauna, fasting, probiotics, enzymes, warm water with lemon and dietary leanness. Also maintaining a soft stool could be recommended. To maintain a soft stool that is easily passable one may use ~ 3 Teaspoons of African Bitters (Alafia Bitters @Kasoa Market), Fleet in the morning before work, fibers, many varieties of laxatives or diuretics. Ypsilanti Community Acupuncture has surprising results and is run by an acupuncturist that has complete command of the body to tap into meridians (ports) with chipped needles. Also a waist and back brace with Velcro may slim the waist and straighten the spine to beautify the figure.

A few other tips some have found useful are the length of the hair could be adjusted with under pinning the hair to change the hairline away from the neck. Caftans are always flattering. Black slims; a nice wardrobe of black pants or skirts is good. Some have had surprising results with fine chambrays or earrings, necklaces, round toe shoes, or maybe dance or sport shoes to encourage fitness. Sturdier shoes may be needed for heavier weight. One may find it useful to augment their architecture, location and lifestyle to suit a life of fitness and really build in fitness.

It’s possible to install a sauna, pool, exercise pad, hot tub to de-stress the body and draw around the downtown area a loop to walk in or around their neighborhood. Parks that have those outdoor signs with exercises posted on them are also nice to walk or run while enjoying a fitness routine. It may be imperative to really sit down with yourself and think about what your specific body needs and map out target exercises and incorporate quality of life. Cycling stationary or destination is nice. A dog is also a nice exercise friend that will encourage you to walk or run every day. People with dogs may be slimmer. 🙂

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