Notes on Team Work

I took a great class in “Technical Communication” where we got into the art of the “memo.” It was interesting to see how one may deconstruct a memo and professionalism in work culture and what that might entail.

I have had a lot of thoughts about how to achieve the best from people. My belief is that social dynamics play a huge role in satisfaction and performance. I believe in the employment of “Social Companies” or companies of companies. How well one respects their human or living components directly impacts their success.

I also believe that it is possible to function as one “organism” as do the Chinese, to achieve high goals.

I have a background in the arts and have also thought about how to maintain a high level of creativity in the work place. Creativity is something delicate, that shouldn’t be commanded but rather function with “wise guides.”

Negotiating is another thing I am still cultivating. My father owns a grocery store for which I was a former Sales Manager. At Kasoa Market, I had to frequently negotiate with wholesalers over pricing. But there is another kind of dynamic conversation that is negotiation that I discussed a long time ago with a Harvard student.


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