Creativity Notes

By Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

2008 New York City

….Creativity happens when the mind becomes preoccupied with how things might be improved, as did Gandhi when he designed methods for fighting oppression.  Inspirational tools are used to transform communities and free people from inhibition and influence. They also explore chance, serendipity, and integrative approaches similar to improvisational music.

In a book titled Gandhi and Personal Leadership by Anand Kumarasamy exists a quote:

If the thought manifests as the word

The word manifests as the deed

The deed develops into habit

And habit hardens into character

As the shadow follows the body

As we think so we become

The changes that occur on the inside also impact the changes on the outside. This kind of manifestation of abstract ideas is clearly illustrated in the work of Hundertwasser who painted images then created prototypes and later built structures. Creativity is kin to the cycle in life of “me,” to “Us,” to “All of us.”

The inventor Buckminster Fuller’s quest to harness power and innovate, lead him to this conclusion:

The horse eats hay, the hay eats sun

New associations of the creative mind destroy old ways of thinking and replace them with recombinations of elements to produce new technologies, products and economic growthCreativity leads to capital and Fareed Zakaria in his book “Post American World,” said that “culture follows power.” Creativity impacts entrepreneurship and professions such as: business, economics, architecture, math, music, science, engineering, and teaching.







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