Fit, Lean & Beautiful #2


Moving forward with the constant debate on how best to trim oneself and achieve optimal health are several key points. The New Year is well spent gathering tax documents, doing a lemon, maple syrup and cayenne juice fast cleanse and maybe a complete elimination via colonoscopy prep solutions such as “GaviLyte.”

One doctor said to normalize the body and “eat normally to reduce stress or shock to the system after a colonoscopy and loss of energy supply.”

Go into motion. Schedule yourself multiple work times and work all day.

It has also been said that,“tea is leaner than coffee.” Some prefer a mix of both coffee and tea breaks.

It is also interesting to learn exercises and accept it as a challenge to “learn exercises” or learn a yoga home practice routine.

It’s possible to also have the desire to shrink the stomach. One Scientist recommended “to shrink the stomach with lemon and frozen foods.” He said that, “frozen foods have less preservative because they are frozen, a unique preservative and smaller portions.” “Frozen food was designed for conservation and is good to eat in the colder months during inclement weather.”

One possible thought a romantic manufacturer may have had about foods is that a person could eat canned foods in the fall, frozen foods which are preserved for the cold and fresh foods in the spring and summer.




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