Fit, Lean & Beautiful #3

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #3

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

Somehow pools encourage people to beautify themselves.  Perhaps it is a combination of the costume, the fitness, often the sunshine, perhaps even the physical exposure and peer pressure that leads one to beauty.  Also the shaving and tanning, tightening and toning for and from a pool leads to beauty.  Pools create really sun kissed bodies and strong sleek physiques with distinct muscles.  People with pools generally also invest and develop their properties and end up with more wealth and are beautified in that way too.  Some even have more leisure or more quality time, relaxation, peace and even family time around the pool.  Some have happier kids who love pools and are beautified in that way too.

He said, “They can make a dreamscape in five minutes.” There are companies making tools for relaxation like DVD’s or CD’s or waterfalls etc.  You can always try to set up your own little “dreamscape” with maybe some colored light bulbs or a strobe light and a CD player with nature music and incense and statues, waterfalls, spiritual books, perhaps a prayer rug or a rug on the wall, plants or mandala’s or Falun Gong Books and DVD’s. Build an altar, The Virgin is nice to have, Indian Gods, tapestries. Soft things or natural things or lights or candle light-many things can be good.  Some people like these kinds of rooms for exercise, spirituality, reading, spiritual library, prayer, even sensuality and sometimes spiritual smoking or de-stressing. What can also be nice is spiritual reading and musical practice in the same area.  Its nice to have different libraries in different rooms.  Maybe even a wishing well and musical instruments like a flute or tom tom or guitar.  One place this writer lived in had textiles all around the room with altar pieces and instruments on them then a stack of blankets and pillows.  You can use steps or build in a step like altar.  Look into Santeria altars for beautiful altar designs.  Add fresh flowers or fruit.  Endow your altar with prayers and offerings.  Maybe a gong to start a session.  Try putting up scented wood wall paneling like pine or cedar. Nice carpet? Maybe faux plants to get a jungle effect or a shrine effect.  A stereo, built in seating or cushions, built in wall shrine of gold etc, some have animals or birds, some grow in their basements,  special lighting and lighting on shrine or altar, all the instruments all around, song books, a piano, an organ, harmonium, photos, prayer beads, pop in any music that sounds spiritual from Indian Raga, to reggae, to Jimmi Hendrix “Electric Ladyland,” to Ali Farka to Franco, to Thomas Mapfumo, to Italian Opera, to Sounds of Nature, to your own music.  Make a nice dreamscape or spiritual set.

A masters degree beautifies a lot.  One of the greatest painters of beauty on the face is knowledge. Smarter people generally have a strange je ne sais quoi. The more well read and better writer the better the conversationalist and the greater the ultimate delight.  Avoid nagging-they run out the door.






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