Fit, Lean and Beautiful #4

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #4

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

One Scientist said, “You can do anything you want, join any gym near you and just start exercising.”  Targeted exercises can be extremely beneficial for those who want all their fitness to be targeted and precise.  However many sports and exercise regimes from Pilate’s Rolling to Basketball’s to and fro can stretch you out or generate a good sweat.  Here is a list of some good exercises to try:  Martial Arts, swimming, tennis, Badminton, jogging, Stretch Classes, weight training (force fat out and muscle in), Yoga, rowing, Zumba, NIA, water aerobics, volley ball, football, soccer, racket ball, bicycling, belly dancing, dance, walking, walking the dog, walking buddies, a good ol’ game of kick ball, hula hoop, strap on weights, work out balls, frisbee, a job in culinary, gymnastics, aerobics classes, Jazzercise, exercise trails, nature walks, mountain biking, treks, pilgrimages, marathons, Gaia and Gaiam TV exercise shows, step dancing, square dancing, Personal Trainer Certificate or a Physical Fitness Degree, track running or walking, recumbent bikes, things done to the music, laps, floor exercises, Tai Chi, Taekwondo, Karate, tumbler, Disco Dancer, Break Dancer, or Modern Dancer or Bikram Yoga, or a game of hoops, Pilates, join a class, stairmaster, private gym, walk around city blocks, get a steps watch and walk, time in sun shrinks you, join a baseball Team, a personal trainer, or join a gym.

Place mats are influential and a nice way to enjoy textiles.  Placemats can spruce up a meal and turn the average meal into something spectacular.  Try Target or One Kings Lane for some interesting varieties.

One can find interesting ways to adjust your personal tempo. It seems as though nature music or music in general can speed up or slow down and relax one’s personal tempo.  Try and type in “nature music,” or “relaxation music” or “harpsichord,” to de-stress and mellow out and deeply relax your personal tempo.  Tempo just seems to align with other things that have a tempo.  Music is really wonderful for depression.  Instead of slow you may want to uplift, pop in “Fifth Dimension” and let the sun shine in!


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