Fit, Lean & Beautiful #5

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #5

Is anything amiss? Stasis may require getting into motion. Several jobs stacked up may be beneficial.

Preceding getting into motion a quick tune up/check up can offer preparation. Time and has free printable calendars which may serve to schedule trips to endocrinologist to check levels, vascular testing to check for blood clots or varicose veins, and echocardiogram to test for heart irregularities.

An exercise channel on cable television offered a great chair exercise show. A tanning bed may retract the skin and assist with a slimmer figure. Pruning back the hair may also be nice to thicken it. Head and Shoulders may clear any debris or scalp ailment and renew the scalp to aid hair growth.

Green tea, I was told, is useful to sustain a more nocturnal lifestyle and melt away the pounds.

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