A Bird Flew Spastic Indoors

A bird flew spastic indoors

Banging into walls

She left the front door open

And sensing the cold outside

The bird flew out

The insanity of a bird inside,

The contrary of a bird with boundaries


The end of January

More chilling their racism and piquant their hatred

Their jealousy that manifested into phone calls,

And subsequent delirium for infestations in apartment complexes

Their calls to vengeance and legacy born into vermin eulogies, if any


The fair lady, a detector

God or The Devil?

Or her love, dynamic and protective

And young and without better ideas, yet


On a Libran scale his greed

Greed goes up and something else goes down

He lined up all his beauty queens in the desert

We try to heal all Mr. Lover Boys wounds

Selvage the stud, the god, and mankind


She said to the persons at the Office of Pain and Suffering

To try to understand everything

To reach a point of understanding

So you have healing and a path to wisdom

The moment to moment knowledge

The lessons and the leaders

and the enlightenment that leads back to love

Untie and re-tie the experiences

Give yourself something positive to come back to


This muscle man

Has trailed gasoline

However, this muscle man belongs to us


And the birth ready wombs

Pray for these men

That brings it home


Place him on the planet of Quarantino

Raise the flag of your brother

Raise the flag of your sister

There with others who chose suicide

Never to return to their suffering

We took a population count on TV

And many returned home to be counted

When her hair started to touch her shoulders

Near the beginnings of the DM Bazaar

When they pulled magically from beads, fine furnishings

The hiding of rare beads and the roll out of stories and love affairs

When they desired the magic of that in between conceptual realm

It was as if magic were that match up, of conceptual thinking with technology

Is that magic she asked? What is magic? She asked of her madness what is magic?

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