Fit, Lean & Beautiful #6

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #6

Switching from Vitamin D Milk to 2% milk or skim milk, having little or no fat, can impact

ones physique. A lot of fat comes from:

  • Milk
  • Cream

and not so much sweets, or cooking oil or meat.

We need some fat to have a little comfort. 2% milk is a good option by switching to 2 % milk and green tea one woman started losing 2 lbs. a day and quickly lost 8 lbs.

Also a trip to the endocrinologist may be warranted. One woman found out that psych meds often make you insulin resistant and cause weight gain and lead to diabetes.

Green tea is a slimming and energizing tea. Green tea is used by Chinese workers to be nocturnal, slim, strong, alert, smart, fast and light. An occasional cup of strong coffee can function like a diuretic and aid elimination. Medicines such as “IB” for irritable bowels bring calm to your digestive system. In spite of insulin resistance green tea has proven an effective method for weight loss. An adjustment to fat content in one’s milk consumption and dairy can promote weight loss.

Even the nocturnal quality of green tea equals a greater number of wakeful hours and increased activity which impacts ones physique and consequently beauty.

Even if you lose weight a little bit, analyze what made you lose weight.



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