An Analysis of World Peace

An Analysis of World Peace

By Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu   2/28/2016

To really dedicate oneself to the pursuit of world peace requires deep inquiry. Perhaps scholarship within a university setting for peace and conflict resolution is warranted to pursue a peace strategy. One woman described thoughts of lakes, shorelines, and forests as an alignment with a peaceful thought-that peace can be born through creative visualization. Or is that another peace? So “lakes” mean peace. You can say lake, then think of a lake and find peace.

When one thinks of peace, on the one hand, has meant to resolve conflict, or calm unrest. There are relevant ways to think of peace that involve the promotion to people, of peaceful lifestyles or offering peaceful thoughts.

Think of a classroom for example. One woman was at a “Bright Futures” encounter at a Romulus High School and was asked “how would you calm an unruly class?” Her response would be to speak in a soft voice and ask the class to meet her there. Isn’t it interesting how voices align? If one person speaks softly to another person, they will meet them at their soft level and in turn speak softly.

However, it goes deeper than that, how to instill peace in youth. I read online that if one speaks harshly or curses that very often a threshold has been crossed that often results in violence. If there is a loud voice present it’s often followed by hitting or intense violence.

Diversity may also impact peace. It has been said, that a lack of diversity in astrological sign can impact cooperation. Too many similar signs or alpha signs can cause friction when power is pursued. When goals or ideas are not answered, power splinters and new groups form. Or perhaps if one is not made the leader they find another formula for leadership by self appointment within their own organization. This is one possible scenario that relates to the creation of many groups associated to “terrorism,” that may just be “groups,” in fact, with ideas and goals that went unanswered.

Some groups currently targeted by the media may be “scarecrows” to divert shrewd and ruthless business people or predators away from wealthy communities. What appears to be bellicosity may be posturing to avoid conflict or deter theft.

If one were to really sit down one day and decide to pursue “world peace” what could become analysis or goals and what kinds of areas would provide training?

One recent interview with a former Nazi unveiled that he loved war and has partaken in both the Holocaust and Slavery and many, many other wars. He said that he pursued some wars for financial gain and due to his love of the” technologies” associated to war. People who war actually really love the by products from war. Some warriors even love the history created by war. Some people really, really like war. Some may be attracted to what they call “reddest.”

We are not just fighting humans who love war; we are fighting their super computers. Is it possible to change or rehabilitate someone who loves war?

There is evidence for what creates peace, and scant evidence for what will really conclude war. We can keep on increasing peace and diminishing wars power to grow. But war has warriors and something has to done about the warriors. It has been said that the chief warrior in the world is brain damaged.






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