The Luxurious Insect Removal

The Luxurious Insect Removal

By Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

It’s possible to have spontaneously an epiphany in which you decide to clear all the insects from your home and land.  The information around insects and their removal can be rewarding, status or even luxurious.  One may begin by surveying their homes interior and exterior and noting all the insects in various floors which can be diverse-some burrow, some fly, some like indoors and some like out.

After surveying the variety of insects, note their location and possible entry point.  Many insects in the home indicate holes in the exterior or foundation.  Walls may not even be flush with the floor.  A home missing baseboards is a red flag.

One good starting point is a consultation at Home Depot for all the different insects one finds in their home.  High baseboards are helpful and so is coating the entire house with sealer in and out.  Painting sealer on the house can fill a lot of elemental holes and prevent cockroaches.  Weather stripping is good around windows and there are even foam caulking guns that fill holes and gaps around pipes.  Basic waterproof and regular caulking around kitchen and bath are also highly recommended.  For ants for example, spraying a technological barrier spray around the house can prevent them from coming in and also closing all their open doors.  Larger insects may also be a sign that other vermin are present and entering through larger holes.

Getting insects out of your home may be a road to unforeseen luxury and status.  A landlord may even advertise an insect free apartment.   It’s sheik to do your own exterminating.  It’s possible to use even plain cleaners as insecticides if you fear poisoning.  Removing the insects from your home can bring value or longevity to your home and joy to your life.  Removing insects can be a fun research or entomology study or a day you train your children.  Extermination can be fun for the whole family and the hippest thing in home ownership.






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