Fit, Lean & Beautiful #11

Fit, Lean and Beautiful #11

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

They are screaming and shouting for Metformin!! Some have lost weight all over their body in tens to twenty pounds.  There is a new machine at Meijer’s in the Pharmacy area called the HIGI.  On the HIGI, you sit down, weigh in and measure your overall body fat.  The HIGI will actually provide a goal weight or “lean” weight.

Generally, Metformin with exercise may allow for approximately 10 lbs. of weight loss every 3 months.  So it’s a gradual and natural drop off and an all over drop off.  One may notice their behind start to disappear, breasts getting smaller and shape changing.  As mentioned earlier in another Fit, Lean & beautiful article it’s good to take alot of showers in summers humidity-almost every time you go out to wash away sweaty fat-showers slim.

According to a local endocrinologist, people taking psychotropic medications should particularly beware of insulin problems.

Meijer’s Pharmacy in Ypsilanti, Michigan actually gives out Metformin free of charge with a prescription.  Diabetes involves insulin irregularities and is one of the most common illnesses in Michigan according to a Ford Foundation Study which may have prompted Meijer’s to support Michigan in the fight against Diabetes!

If you find yourself gaining weight, it could very well be an insulin problem and be connected to side effects of medications that you may take for other problems. Even common antidepressants may cause insulin problems.  Many people have been known to gain weight on antidepressants.

Now thanks to Metformin, people can begin to balance insulin problems that bulk up the body and enjoy a nice lean body again.  Couple Metformin with exercise practice, try cycling, walking and creating an alkaline body by always eating citrus like oranges or lemons or limes or Mexico’s limones in a limon tea.  Some call it “instant tea” to squeeze a Mexican limon into hot water.  An alkaline body seems to slim better and I guess help the body to change palettes.  Another good thing to keep handy is good old green tea and get your body into motion.

One strange advice depending on where you live is to try taking “the bus” to add exercise to your travel routines. If you are in a city that has a bus route or can get places by bicycle, by all means, do.  After you get down to a manageable weight, try Bikram Yoga, although summer is a Bikram.  Try yoga to raise and lift everything especially the buns.

The other strange little thing I heard was about how when you gain weight your “bone density” changes.  It’s best to nip it quickly when you find yourself gaining weight because the bones and whole frame actually change as well.  After a bone density change, it’s probably best to consult a plastic surgeon.

Although one plastic surgeon said, “after you lose weight, you will start to lose in your bones too.”

However, there may be medications you can take for bone density problems.  Obviously, a larger frame can hang a larger mass of weight.  I heard if you keep “the frame” you always gain the weight back.

Have compassion for yourself if your weight has spun out of control and take it as an intellectual challenge with many interesting roads.

If you’re suffering from “baby weight” as another example of weight gain, one OB/GYN recommended target exercise as in the example of Allied Fitness Solutions with a personal trainer-many of her clients had success.  One plastic surgeon said, to “walk the baby, it works every time.”  Another woman in Chicago found a gym that has childcare or a children’s play area so everyone has a good time and she managed to slim down to model proportions and take a much-needed break.



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