Fast Moving Cities and Tempo in The Future

Fast Moving Cities and Tempo in the Future

A poem I once wrote stated:  “Tell everyone to be assertive, New York driver.”

It’s a mystery and perhaps a natural phenomenon how cities grow up and eventually

as if in conspiracy people congregate along certain lines.  Is there one specific thing that makes New York drivers, drive erratic and fast?  One could speculate all kinds of possible scenarios and engage in research to ascertain the real origins of “fast moving traffic.”  For example, perhaps it is a matter of over population of the city or the speed of the traffic lights changing that crests the city and adrenalizes the traffic system? Are the traffic lights faster in the day and slower in the night? Does the city that never sleeps actually sleep?  One theory may be that the speed of traffic lights directly impacts the population and becomes the cities tempo.

The traffic system could in fact be connected to super computers and an “alternative idea” for the super metropolis? Perhaps it is the stop –and- go taxis and diversionary systems that disrupts traffic and creates its flow?  It could possibly be the make and model of vehicles on the road, such as limousines or taxis or buses or a culture of “temporary transport”? It could even be related to the types of businesses that exist in New York and the urban planning.  It could even be a lack of places to park or stop or rest your vehicle that keeps vehicles moving.

What overarching ideas exist below this idea of traffic speed that impacted the citizens of New York such as in the example of an aggressive reputation?  When you sit down to create a “New Yorker,” what were the ingredients that were placed into the stew?  Does in fact traffic speed as in music create a “city tempo” and perhaps a personality trait to those it impacts? Do New York City’s traffic lights make you walk a certain way and talk a certain way? How has the operation of New York City’s grid impacted individuals? Does fast mean not nice? Does aggressive mean not kind?

Recently, I was listening to relaxation music and felt that my body aligned significantly with the tempo of the music and relaxation music was in fact relaxing and stress relieving.  It’s really a phenomenon the results of the “fast moving cities,” which may be New York and Berlin?  Are there others?  One possible research would be to measure and monitor the speeds of all of the traffic lights around the world.

Someone somewhere sat down and desired a fast moving city, perhaps a harder, faster worker?

What could possibly be derived from the results of this research are perhaps “tempo driven” products such as what pianist Sarah Hamilton uses “The Beat Box,” to maintain tempo while playing piano.

People could wish to regulate personal tempos in their home or work place.  It’s possible we could want something more from music to regulate tempos with united tempos that are crested in various songs.  The future business owner may want to set the tone a little deeper.  We may want our car or entire house set to a tempo or maybe just ourselves in our home.

It’s possible to regulate tempo with things like the heart, percussion, light, music and exercise-what then is tempo in relation to the body?  What are all the ways one can achieve or change tempo? What can be done with tempo?  Can I create a context for which I may achieve something specific?  Can I increase my tempo and lose weight for example? Will children study harder, will they be smarter with a faster tempo or a specific tempo?

I was once told I had the tempo of the falling snow from growing up in Michigan.

Envision a technology store with unique tempo driven product ranges, colors, software,

and electronics.  I heard through the grapevine that China may have had the best city tempo and had a good result from it.

Tempo could impact the physical body, it could impact intelligence, it could impact personality.

Music could actually have a gauge, or coded tempo measurement and people could select it based on their choice tempo.  Musicians could be hired to make precise tempo music for businesses.



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