Fit, Lean & Beautiful #12

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #12

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

I had this epiphany just today while redecorating, that the more you spruce your home, the better you will look yourself.  The more you organize your wardrobe and make it “visible,” the better you will look.

One special tip I will give those who run out of closet space is to order heavy duty clothing racks from ULine.  It’s also possible to dedicate a whole room in one’s house to their long term wardrobe vision.  Shelves are easy to put up with Home Depot’s Everbilt brackets that just screw in with a drill then fit custom cut boards. To make a shelf you will need things like a stud finder, level and T-square.  Stack up hats, fill suitcases with trip clothing stashes and screw in hooks can organize necklaces.  Heavy organization makes a house really nice.  The other special tip I will give you is to green your house inside and out.  It’s possible to make a “rain garden” and redirect water spouts around the house into your garden areas with tubes and things.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a rain garden built house?

Tip three was recently I attended an informational on Ionic water and am still contemplating investing

in a maker.  Ionic beauty water makes your skin really soft.  There is a machine that makes several different kinds of water on the market right now.  Apparently high alkaline water is better for your health for many reasons.  An investment in water may be a significant investment.

When greening ones house it’s nice to make little gardens inside and outside.  Fill up deep window boxes with growth lights and grow away.  Pick up small plants, seeds, herbs, you name it.  Try some hooks from the ceiling for hanging plants.  Greening one’s house is an excellent antidepressant.

Design a lovely flower garden of perennials that are planted in the fall and expected in the spring year after year.  A manure soil  mix works nicely and perhaps “Blood Meal” below and on top of bulbs in their hole to keep them warm.  I saw some interesting weed killing today.  Just walk around spraying them may be more effective than just pulling them out and leaving roots.  Even grass seeds can be sprinkled.

The indoor growth lights in window boxes can also benefit the human hair plant and make it lush and growing.  Growth lights in general may be really good for hair and spirit.  Grow with your plants.

I heard that all fur is manufactured in China, which made me so happy.  I found a vintage mink today at a vintage store.  It’s getting chilly soon.   Two more tips-plan your holidays, if the family life has been sluggish assume the helm of your family and plan spectacular holidays.  I sourced a nice rotisserie and silver punch bowl with antique engraved goblets.  I saw a great photo in a Kroger circular of some breadsticks wrapped in prosciutto on a meat and cheese platter.  Pay attention to display photos in magazines and circulars for good ideas for entertaining.

Starting traditions is always nice.  There is a certain flower that comes out every year at the time of my father’s birthday that I started picking up for him.

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