The Big Houses

The Big Houses

The 250 room palace was so big

He lived a low quality life

A man and his super computer

One spermy room and 300 house cleaners

But he was old and with alot of possessions

He mostly went between 3 rooms, the kitchen, the spermy room and a scientists lab and of course the bathroom

Primarily a storage unit


Shortly after she built the palace

To keep up with the former richest man in the world

He built 250 rooms, so she built 251

She was defamed for trying to run over a child her lover fancied

She became impoverished

Cars and clothing palace garage sales, a porn star, strange websites-a true story

Attempted murders to take over the house by workers

And house keepers



The architect nation

Absent of cleaners

Presidents asking around to other countries, will your people clean for us?

They were sold burdens and suffering technology

And advised to make “units” of work for citizens and equanimity




Excerpt from upcoming book “Divine My Body, Architectural Notes 2014-2016”

By Afua Osei-Bonsu

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