Fit, Lean & Beautiful #13

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #13

By Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

Changing schedules and managing school and work has impacted abilities to join classes but the need

for exercise endures.  One may find themselves with the old ruler, paper and pen making a calendar to find time or schedule in their fitness regime.  Many things can be a solution, I heard about

these spin classes where the teacher said “yeah just spin the fat right off the legs,”-that comment stuck in my head and myself a biker decided to investigate stationary bikes.  Stationary bikes may be great for the winter months at home, or for home practice in general or something to do while watching a film, or the news or spinning to the beat of some pumped up music.  After I made my calendar and integrated all my classes, study time and work I had little time left to make it to the gym.  When I explored the world of stationary bikes I found there were upright and recumbent bikes.  I thought wow what should I get?  I performed a little air test and “air” bicycled upright and then “air” bicycled with my feet extended and realized that you hit different areas of the body with the recumbent bike which hit my buns, stomach as well as legs.  The decision was made, voila I need specific target areas.  I found when putting “exercise bicycle” into a search engine several options from $200 options to $1300 options at Kohl’s,, Walmart, Sole Fitness, Sears, Gold’s Gym has one, Nautilus, etc. came up.

Now the challenge is to create for myself a simple early morning regime that I will stick to and that satisfies my specific needs.  One thing I have been wanting is to spiritualize my day using the Chinese exercises called Falun Gong.  It’s possible to open the day and close the day with Falun Gong.

Okay, I have something now for my brain, for my legs, buns and stomach that would leave out my arms and chest region to find or create exercises for.  Maybe some sun salutations repeated and drawing some big circles with arms extended and maybe with some hand weights.  My next search is for nice exercises in book format or DVD for specific regions of the body.  As the body ages it is implicit that you exercise.  The more you exercise the cuter and more agile you will be later on.

One might try adding on the weekend a Bikram Yoga class or a long nature walk in a nature reserve or around their neighborhood.  I am also a big fan of walking buddies and finding a friend you can walk 5 miles with and chat up a storm!

Happy Thanksgiving from Revolving Stream

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