Fit, Lean & Beautiful #14

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #14

By Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

As an addition to “Fit, Lean and Beautiful #13” regarding recumbent bikes and fitness, a couple of other

points I wish to make are regarding working on the heart rate.  I am by no means an expert of cardio but I

can share one story from deep depression where a woman laid down to comfort herself during a depression then suffered strange heart problems from the change in direction of blood and heart rate.

The heart rate condition was somewhat corrected with compression stockings which are found at Meijer’s or in catalogs or you can be fit for a professional pair at places like Wright and Fillipis.

Alot of people may suffer strange swelling ankles and acquire a condition like Edema or heart dysfunction from deep depression which has to be one of the most common illnesses.

The other thing I would recommend for all athletes, or performance sports, or people exercising in general, or former smokers, or dancers, or runners or elderly, or trekkers, or really everyone is an albuterol inhaler to open, clear and medicate the lungs before activity.  I found this to be extremely helpful and curative.  If perhaps you plan to go to a vocal lesson or for a swim I highly recommend little things like albuterol inhalers.

Back to the earlier point- heart rate means something.  You can speed up your whole system.  Therefore a little 15-minute stationary recumbent bicycling in the morning can impact the heart rate significantly and impact the speed of your system and create a kind of vigor.  So if you are looking for a little pep and vigor, a recumbent bike may be a solution to address the heart rate.  I wonder if you should wear compression stockings while riding a stationary recumbent bicycle to circulate the blood? Compression stockings may be another thing that many humans could use for basic circulation and the heart. Circulate, circulate. Then draw circles with your arms -lots of circles and lots of circulating makes for an easy work out to remember and perhaps spiritual-try to add some circles.

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