Fit, Lean & Beautiful #15

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #15

~45 minute Home Practice and Basic Head to Toe Work Out Recommendation

By Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

Set up recs: a yoga mat or prayer rug long, small hand weights, recumbent stationary bicycle, workout clothes, gym shoes and compression stockings, boom box, relaxation cds, burn an incense to get in the mood, a gong, a candle, a flower, a small altar with special spiritual items (choice), Falun Gong Writings and book of exercises, albuterol inhaler,  two cones to walk between for an alternative gym (spiritual pilgrimage etc.) or use two spiritual objects or masking tape on the floor, measuring tape, stack of photo copies from spiritual writings and spiritual books to read passages from, fitness watch, journal for evening notes, a scale, a broom, **if you like try bindis or third eye highlighting  with paint, liners, stickers or essential oils for introspection,  camera to photograph yourself, take pictures of yourself to see yourself changing, tape inside a journal or photo album.

Recommended rise 4:00 AM

-Put on basic work out wear and compression stockings be sure to hand wash and hang dry stockings. -Start with juice (lemon & water-to alkaline, carrot juice, orange, grapefruit, choice) meds & vitamins, couple fruits, cereal (eg. Bran flakes) oats etc. and milk, yogurt, toast, omelet or as you like, inhale Albuterol if you want. 30 minutes.

Home Practice & Daily Early Morning Workout

Gong! Light candle, light cone incense (choice), begin relaxation music-  To begin practice

Open day with Falun Gong reading and a prayer (choice personal study, collect diverse spiritual writings to read in the morning, see forthcoming eclectic spiritual bibliography, make photo copies in advance here and there) and perform 4 or 5 spiritual exercises from Falun Gong, if you like you may chant “OM” (and call all your energy) Circular Breathing Pranayama (See Iyengar’s Pranayama book) total 10 minutes (lungs, nasal, brain, voice)

Exercise Routine 35 minutes: 

1)Neck circles, north, east, south, west, until all kinks are out ~10 times (hear snaps and cracks) ears over shoulders

2)Sun salutations 20 reps (5 reps or beats each to think) (1. give yourself a positive mantra for the day from your readings, 2. dedicate your practice with specific work out goals and 3. Think down your body and fill yourself with love from head to toe 4. now a defined love being, give love to all future actions and people you meet) bless the mother earth

3)Arms in circles with or without hand weights, 10 small circles, then 10 medium circles and 10 large circles, (if you don’t have weights use two identical objects that can be handheld around the house anything even fruit or spiritual objects), firm up arms and shoulders

4) Sing “Oh Riki you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind, hey Riki! Hey Riki!” while holding two weights  arms at horizon or in a T formation bending up and and moving upwards until arms are raised over head and coming back down while singing to Chinese Santo Old Riki as if cheering ~6 times

5)Bend arms up in a “U” then extend out on the horizon and catch a rhythm 20, firm chest, breasts, arms and back wings

6)Grab a broom or dowel from home depot longer than width of body and place on shoulders, hold in two places with arms bent, straighten spine and twist at waist to define waist back and forth, 20 reps

7)Extend arms and bend over toe touches (1) hang there for a count of 17, let blood fill your head and clear mind, shake out a little and let go of negativity and stress, bless the Kundalini spine

8)Drop down and do sit ups , 40 reps, (bend at knees with feet down and lift all the way up), shrink and tighten stomach, strengthen abdomen

9)Flip over Yoga Plank arms bent Egyptian style on toes hold for 3 minutes, make a board of your body (sweat, build strength, a still workout),  works on legs and abdomen, and toes

10)Yoga Downward Dog hold for count of 17 (a still workout, hands flat on floor and separate, fingers spread, bent at waist, stand on upper balls of feet and toes with heels slightly up, buttocks in air, arms straight) stretches fingers, makes arms strong, back of legs

11)While in yoga downward dog try extending legs alternating back for a good buttocks stretch, hold for a count of 17 each leg as high as possible, balance

12)Balance, stand on one leg, bend other leg in a triangle against standing leg, place hands in prayer position and hold balance for a count of 17 seconds each leg, steady body

13)Take a spiritual walk between pieces of masking tape back and forth, measured in a small space a large distance, contemplating today’s studies, measure space and calculate distance, ~10 feet between pieces of tape, walk about 20 passes for ~ ¼ mile

14)Spin on recumbent stationary bicycle 15 minutes on appropriate levels, steady and fast, spin fat and excess off legs and strengthen, also tightens and smooths stomach and buttocks utilizing resistance

15)Jump rope reps 40 quick heart reps

16)Star jumps & star jump squats repeat sequence alternating 25 quick, heart reps, arms, legs and gluts

17)Chant nonstop either aloud or in your mind “Ka- Kra- a- Kra” move foot a little forward and bend a little forward while chanting-“Ka-Kra-a-Kra” “Ka-Kra-a-Kra” gyrate the pelvis girdle around in a circular motion chanting “Ka-Kra-a-Kra” “Ka-Kra-a-Kra” as if it was the sound of your skeleton, and shake it backwards and forwards and move girdle in forward motions rhythmically while lifting bent arms and winding shoulders backwards, “Ka-Kra-a-Kra” “Ka-Kra-a-Kra”  then into a floating chicken,  all while in a “Ka-Kra- a- Kra” “Ka-Kra-a-Kra,” rhythm, then wind shoulders forwards like a train, “ka-kra-a-kra” “Ka-Kra-a-Kra,” then release tension in neck and wind head around loosely, “Ka-Kra-a-Kra” “Ka-Kra-a-Kra” “Ka-Kra-a-Kra” “Ka-Kra-a-Kra” then half go down to peck and bounce up with arms bent moving forwards and backwards and from side to side whole body, “Ka-Kra-a-Kra” “Ka-Kra-a-Kra” “Ka-Kra-a-Kra” then move upper body from side to side stretching your Kundalini snake (spine) all the way down to the tip of your gens, draw a line all the way down and “Ka-Kra-a-Kra” “Ka-Kra-a-Kra” “Ka-Kra-a-Kra” and end winding whole body and twisting ankles around alternating for a good stretch of the ankles, repeat “Ka-Kra-a-Kra”  to release stress, wind whole body, stimulate the bowels, grace the body, bless the animals, bless the children, bless the gens, bless the spine, bless the girdle, bless the wings, bless the skeleton

18)Clap your hands together in a round irregular motion up and down in front and behind legs and over head, changing tempo, chant with clapping to assign claps to a rhythm such as vocal exercises “may me ma mo moo” and side to side pumping the muscles, and double clapping, stretching and exercising the face, and chest, in celebration of life, generating energy and Chi, with increasing joy and vigor with every clap!

19)Heart rate should now be up, whole body stretched and circulated, good music, good mood for day! Blow out candle, extinguish incense, turn off CD and Gong!-close session

20)Have a good bowel movement and elimination-if needed try Fleet, jump in shower let all negativity, dirt, sweat and fats go down the drain, dress, and groom -Hit the road! or jump into your day positively! Have a great day! Yes!! Smile a mile.

Other things for the mix:

-Two days of walking buddies, find two people to make friends with you walk with on Saturday’s and another on Sunday’s or other days or many days of friends. Find a gym with a track, or an outdoor track, or your neighborhood or a nature preserve.  Alternatively a good daily walking buddy can be a dog. People with dogs tend to stay fit.

-Bikram Yoga occasionally one day a week to get a good sweat.

-Yoga when you can get it for a good sweat.

-Swim and sauna, even a weekly swim or install a pool

-Get a weekly massage with oil and or acupuncture to relieve meridians and ports with programmed needles

-Add your personal preference to customize your fitness regime such as martial arts or dance or sports, 24 hour gyms, medical fitness, aerobics, Nia, total body work outs, weightlifting etc.

A few positive thoughts:  good fitness is also good mental fitness, positivity means prosperity, another old saying that can have value is” catch more flies with honey”-eg. the nicer the better, kindness has greater benefit, choose a loving direction, choose love at the juncture,  be very careful with things that may create enemies like lawsuits or violence or belligerence that can lead to violence, instead a nice thing to focus on is how extreme positivity may benefit you, it’s nice to also at the end of the day when you write in your journal also work on your own spiritual notes and writings and read prayers but perhaps if you like, write your own, you can even pray for aspects of intelligence, wisdom can also be the number of wise decisions one makes- peace, blessings and love be with you.

Close the day:

A reading from Falun Gong and 4 or 5 exercises, peaceful sleep

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