The Questions that Craft Art Writing: My Career Goal and Rationale for Choosing This Goal

The Questions that Craft Art Writing:  My Career Goal and Rationale for Choosing This Goal

By Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

I am enrolled at Eastern Michigan University completing an Independent Study Program or “ISP’ I will follow with a Masters in visual arts education and pedagogy.  My work has been concerned with the teaching of art.  I am working on writing a book titled “Art Relevant Juncture,” that I hope to turn into a PHD Dissertation.  I feel there were gaps in fine art education where artists needed more advanced training or even industrial training. Further, artists needed locations to make sophisticated art works or “makers” or even manufacturing skills or advanced technology skills.

I am an applicant to also work in skilled trades in tile, marble and terrazzo to pursue a more “craft based art” or technical skill or material based art-perhaps even to make monuments or fire place mantles.  I am interested in the intersection of art with custom design and architecture.  One might sit in front of a house a fine sculpture or fountain or build in the back an ice skating rink or a hill for sledding.

Art would be wonderful brought into the everyday life of all citizens where they may utilize it to document their personal histories in any media.

I am interested in true “fine art,” and perhaps researching what would be included as a museum quality artwork.  Where in one’s society does there exist a place for art, and how does one craft the way of life with art.

I find parents who are artists to be interesting and often good parents. I am impressed with the variety of professional applications for art.  Seldom do I find real sophisticated training in illustration or packaging and feel there are many holes that art education may still fill.

I had this vision to impact my community with art education.  I could become a kind of “community builder” by providing a training that informs part of the culture of the area.  What about these by gone people who trained for penmanship for example.  What about book illustration? What about obscure training that would value a community?

I think people who live with art often explore humanitarian themes in their work and often live with greater joy from creativity.  A part of my art is the teaching of art and dynamism in pedagogy. I would like to provide tools that would advance students to practice art making and generally enrich their intellect and life experience.

I think the root of art may be in existentialism. I am investigating various theories of art in my upcoming book.  I am also interested in sustainability in art such as with “artist’s trusts” to fund art works that often have financial impediment.

I hope to be a wise guide for artists and groom and polish them for great roles in art.  Often it is incumbent upon the artist to build their own opportunities and exhibition spaces and even financial strategies, which are rarely adequate.

I wouldn’t mind creating an “awards” platform to build credentials and merit within the creative sector.

I really enjoy classical tastes in art for example the portraiture that was advertised in a Russian newspaper in Nikolai Gogol’s, “Diary of a Madman” or the studies and also the folders “Jane Eyre” filled with her drawings in a Victorian period.

I also really enjoy art writing.  I think art that is explored in writing is often more engaged and becomes richer.  I am big fan of art writing.







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