Fit, Lean & Beautiful #16

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #16

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

I heard that the perfumed Jasmine Tea is suited to women and Green Tea was made for men.

I also heard that a diet of Jasmine Tea will burn calories rapidly.  Most Chinese women that drink Jasmine Tea are extremely lean.  After assuming a diet of Jasmine Tea, I noted that my metabolism sped up exponentially.  Both Jasmine and Green Tea have special properties aiding in specific things I am told for each sex.  Jasmine Tea will keep one consistently awake and alert.  Jasmine Tea also aids in digestion and weight loss for speed, which is used by Chinese workers.

To begin a slimming or toning diet, a good tea, may be the initial peaceful “rev” one needs.  Perhaps investing in a nice thermos or an appropriate teapot would be a good place to start.

If you have fat on your body its recommended to get liposuction to remove it safely.  Liposuction I am told is safer than exercise.

Tip 2, is about a mouthwash called “Peridex” which I got from a wonderful and loving cosmetic dentist.  Peridex grows the teeth, which wear down frequently and require regrowth.  Peridex is a magic little mouthwash.  The active ingredient in Peridex is chlorhexidine gluconate .12%.  However, Peridex may be used for a variety of dental issues.

Another thing to remember is when aging to seek out “Glucosamine Joint Juice” (Meijers) to strengthen joints like knees and spinal vertebrae and arms.  If you start to feel pain in the joints very often joint juice can help you to rebuild them and heal pain. The following are recommended for aging:  1500 mg calcium per day and perhaps a back brace to improve posture.  It is also nice to try some weight bearing exercise (perhaps 10% of  your body weight), lunges, jogging or jumping exercises.  “Urea” is nice for the feet to wear down rough skin and Gel Toe Straighteners to get rid of hammer toes that cause “corns” or foot callus (Try the Harriet Carter Catalog). Callus grinders may be needed (Walmart). Sometimes from shoes toes may curl and need straightening or they rub against shoes.  Massage. Salt pools. Some other things that have been recommended are Vitamin D milk (Calcium), and 800 IU Vitamin D (for energy, another kind of Calcium), Albuterol Inhaler, and I have also heard Vitamin B (for energy and colon, or use a probiotic) and Omega 3 Fatty Acids (for the brain & memory and building brain cells, a kind of cod liver oil, apparently from Chinese Medicine-no smell).  Also good are Iron Tablets to build blood cells especially if you feel fatigue or have anemia or depression or menstruation or accidents or frequent urination (a small dose, even if just for a week or a day even, if condition persists consult a doctor, you can alternatively get a blood test and check white blood cell count which should be in the ~14 range), salmon, flax seed and soy. Compression socks or stockings for circulation.  Biotin for hair loss very often sprouts new growth. Finally to get a pedicure to heal any toe issues common with cuticle overgrowth and keep up with vaccinations.  Most all of these things are available over the counter at stores like Meijer’s or Walmart or Walgreens, should you have need for more information consult your local pharmacy or medical doctor. Most things I recommend are because I may have tried them and  they worked for me or I researched them or was advised by a doctor.

Menopausal women may be interested in birth control tablets used for hormone replacement therapies.  Birth controls like Blisovi Fe 1/20 actually do remedy hot flashes that can be really uncomfortable for women. Teas such as Red Clover (soothing for women in old age) and Evening Primrose (ha-ha), Vitamin B and Dong Quai ( good for memory, building brain cells, according to Chinese Medicine) may all be comforting teas to enjoy during menopause.

Another great thing to do is to keep a “chart” for yourself or a record of all your health issues and cures to reference in a journal over time-even start your kids documenting their ailments and cures when their young.  Your health journal or chart may benefit someone else in your circle or yourself again in the future.  For alot of common issues or time periods in ones life it’s hard to find information, even for menopause it can be difficult to know what’s safe.

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