Personal Theories on Viruses and Vaccines

Personal Theories on Viruses and Vaccines

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

I think the vaccine issue is a good example because it may be plagued with fear or bias by good parents for their children and themselves who want to cautiously inoculate their family.  It also occurred to me there may have been many legal criminals or people looking for culprits for disabled children that may have informed much of the debate on vaccines.  What is a good example is when asked for the viewpoints or for the “empirical evidence,” I wouldn’t know what to trust and it becomes imperative to start to decode biases and look for motives.

I don’t think vaccines are legally mandated, are they? In some cases they may be. I think the anti-vaccination campaign may be the result of financial crime; however I do not have empirical evidence to support it.  Sometimes the evidence I end up using is my own experience, when all sides seem scary.  Many viruses are responded to with vaccines.  I have personally had good experiences with vaccines; however vaccination may be targeted as a “radical cure.”  Wakefield, or an opponent to vaccination, smells “Hollywoodish.”  Vaccines are definitely prime material for film ventures.  Autistic children that were suggested to be harmed by vaccines may also be prime material to fuel bank accounts by way of films or lawsuits?

You must need something “catch it all the time” like a vaccine.  It is as if there are these programs that are viruses.  To establish health and prevention of illness from “the program” or virus, you need another program that “catches it all the time.”  It’s not possible to temporarily medicate a live virus, the virus could return and is often a contagious epidemic living in the Universe; you must “catch it all the time” or “catch it if you can.”

There are specific ways for handling bacteria’s, diseases, genetic illnesses, viruses etc.  I guess if you have schizophrenia you need a “genetic cure” for a genetic illness and possibly a symptomatic cure to balance the chemical imbalance to systematically dismantle the illness, however, if you have the aids virus, which is not genetic although contagious, you may need something that catches the virus all the time like a vaccine, especially in a global epidemic. In terms of symptoms there may be secondary cures for something like aids.

Disease-a condition of the living animal or plant body or one of its parts, that impairs normal functioning and is typically manifested by distinguishing signs and symptoms. [1]

Virus (1)-The causative agent of an infectious disease.  Any of a large group of submicroscopic infective agents that are regarded as extremely simple microorganisms or as extremely complex molecules…[2]

Virus (2) A computer program that is usually hidden within another seemingly innocuous program and that produces copies of itself and inserts them into other programs and usually performs a malicious action (as destroying data). [3]

Is a virus thinking? How does a virus “know” when and how to come out or spread?  Does a virus just run?  Is a virus connected to a host? Does every virus have a goal that is negative?  I heard…..that viruses are often connected to super computers that run them and decide when they are coming out and when and how, for example if one is having a “herpes” break out-perhaps there is a super computer on the other end thinking.  Viruses may be thinking and have an agenda….30 bumps in 30 days.

Further probing suggests another idea/theory that there were “life” mainframes that ran disease, aging, accidents, hair, beauty, obesity, brains, money, programs.  One theory is that –naturally- if one were to start a planet, they may place on a computer everything possible. Could that be the case?

Does the existence of viruses therefore prove a physical connection between mainframes and man? Were there more goals for human viruses that parallel them with technological viruses?  Are viruses present to do something specific and harmful to man?  Did adventuresome scientists long ago get carried away with the petri dish? Another theory and easy leap is that some of the viruses and disease were products of war? If there is a connection between physical human bodies and mainframes, then it’s not a stretch, that there are also physical connections between one’s home and mainframes.  Often what can be “thought” has potential in reality; if it’s not the case, it could be?




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