Fashion and Textiles #2 Opulent Dress

Opulent Dress

By Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

  • I prefer an opulent dress. I choose an opulent dress. I choose a clean and bright dress.  I choose brilliance.  I wear an intelligent cloth.  I adorn myself as a way of love and celebration.  My costume and jewels increase in value in tandem with my character.  I have a collar I place on myself to achieve my level of opulence in all dress.
  • It was a devastation feeling as though I had lost my mind and an asset the emphasis on the brain. I wonder if my Jewels should place emphasis on a location that could serve as a Divine Action.
  • Sole Prints. The Divination of the Foot. The Making of Spiritual Beings, Make shoes with patterned soles or souls.  Walk in shoes a pilgrimage.  Use sole to make art, use art to make a village. Extract intelligence from products.
  • The Making of Divine Beings and Products
  • Prosperous Zero
  • I wear tatting, embroideries, jewels and beading.
  • I wear fine buttons and imaginative fastenings.
  • I wear head dress styled, regal, plumed, floral and exponential.
  • Original Tastes
  • My dress is an arrangement of love and the placement of poetry.
  • Body consciousness.
  • Living Arts.
  • Si Mi Pongo
  • Collars and bibs, Serwah related to babies,
  • Bows, candy combinations, confection,
  • Doll, lockets, light, the first light to reach a baby’s eyes, kaleidoscope
  • Vicky Ghindia



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