Happy Belated Valentines, The Gods of Love

The Gods of Love  6/29/2014, (Excerpt from Artillery) by Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu


Teros-Tea/rose, sperm and erection

Norgie-Pleasure, he denied her orgasm



Fancy-To adorn for a lover or to admire, to posture


Saudade-Missing, longing, forlorn, melancholy

Flaccid-The way in which one lays

Habibi-I love you

Foro-To penetrate

Infigere-To fasten in or to insert


Mamoul-Sweet vagina

Little Dove-Vagina

Pearl-Part of female sex

Fornax-An oven, furnace or kiln

Fornacula-Female sex, a little oven

Formositas-Female sex, beautifully formed

Vlasic-Male sex

Forabilis-Male sex, that can be bored through, penetrable, folding doors, forming, shaping, out of doors, sometimes abroad

Unison-Together as one

Moreno/Morena-I love you, I love your skin, all skins

Speculum-Mirrors and tools used to open the vagina or anus, seeing oneself in another

Vestem-to dress and undress






Navem-Navel, touch, lineage love, birth, paths to genitals


Positivus-Love is in the direction of positive

Idealus-Love is ideals

Servus-Love is service

Clavis-Love is a key to the soul

Bestus-Love is wanting the best for you


Positivus, Idealus, Servus, Clavis, Bestus

Positivus, Idealus, Servus, Clavis, Bestus


Virilis-Virility in sex

Sexus-Sex, intercourse

Coitus-Sex, intercourse

Sexton-Frequent intercourse
Sangiovese-A vase of blood, to love ones blood, to love deeply or until death



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