Mapas del Mundo

Mapas del Mundo

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu


He paved the roads

Across Africa

From east to west across her waist

From north to south down the height of her body

And around the circumference

By bus, helicopter, and ship

10,000 road builders

Moving game reserves

Building a network of roads like veins

And the necessary

Food, fuel and lodging stations

Along the way

Behind him were caravans

With energy, excitement and love

He carefully measured

With technology


World maps, continental maps, country maps and city maps

An artist had discovered by studying old maps in an antique store in Puerto Rico

A continental illusion or power misuse in terms of size of continents on maps

Changes in country name and ownership due to war, colonialism or sale was also noted

And in the Ann Arbor Michigan State Newspaper the theory of plate techtonics

That all the continents of Earth were one mass separated, a broken plate

That historically had fit neatly together called Gondwana

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