Up to Snuff #10: Speak Well

Up to Snuff #10:  Speak Well

-Not writing well is a sign you do not speak well.  Writing better is better speech

-Write in the positive to elicit a positive outcome

-Power of suggestions, power of change, power of positive steps

-Every positive thing you say changes the world a little more positive

-The Nature of Change

-Negative reversal to positive


-Work on precision in your writing

-to animate in writing or make alive

-Cast books, cast your characters


-Effective writing

-The tip, calling all energy to the tip of your pen

-The digestion of points

-The fertility of a suggestion of a piece of work



-Endnotes are within transitions and at the end of documents.  Endnotes are something the reader will remember, a little nugget or a kiss.  End notes are the drop off locations.

-You can place a quirk or note at the end of a document




-Living Arts Writings

-How to learn books

-Philosophy (Unity, “New Work”, “Pluralism”, “Synthesizer”, Love, Beauty, Sensuality


Reflect on grammar notes and rules of style manuals

Comma notes-pause, break in speech, for cadence, comma’s give separation, distinction, lists

Too-maybe never?  Rule unclear

Capitalization can imply status of writer by indicating ownership or establishment

Contractions may be minimized in formal writing







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