Up to Snuff #14 English Notes, Crackiola, Knowing the Language

Up to Snuff #14 English Notes, Crackiola, Knowing the Language

English Notes and Study

What are the creativity structures of English?

What was the order of all the known languages development?

What languages were written with English derivatives by English speaking people?

Who were the primary originators of English and their early manufactured by products?

Break/ fast, working conditions

Cash/shew, cash/shoe, lucrative enterprise

Horse, whore/se, bestiality

Log Cabin Syrup, trunkish with vessel and male liquid, in the forest

Mrs. Butt/er/worth’s Syr/up, seer/rip

Ox/Ford    prosperity: the river to drink, the man’s liquid

The rose, erection

Tu/lips, the female sex


Cinnamon, Sinner man

Tabasco, Together, bask, to bask together

Bell pep/per, time for sex

Green pep/per, prostitution, charge for sex

Crack/ers, buttocks crack errors or sex, homo erotica

Groceries, gross/er/ries

Medicine, me/die/sin

Africa, a/free/ka, a/fri/can, fry, hot sun, rican/rich, people rich, a rich free people

China, Chee/na, Cheetah, eye/cheye, chi/soul, The soul of man, chin of the sea, face of the sea

Mandarin, man/daring, daring man, naked man, man/ rind/skin

A/mer/rica, to me rich, to the sea rich

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