Up to Snuff #8: A Variety of Notes on Writing

– Use your punctuation precisely. Avoid exclamation points tackiness.

-Watch out for metaphors that begin with “like a.”

-Avoid racist humor.

-Be careful with sarcasm or sharpness in your writing.

-Carefully observe your words.

-Be honest.

-Don’t censor yourself.

-Avoid plagiarism, a sign of poor health, need for greater education and often indicating racism.

-Utilize tense agreement?

-Check each and every word for precision.

-Be resourceful and use diverse tools to craft your story eg. Tape recorders or technology

For dialog

-Work during your most sensitive times.

-Always be prepared to write.  One may also access cameras or carry a vintage camera in their bag.

-Build a library, keep book lists and read carefully.

-Iambic, I am lamb or of the lamb, a smoothness.

-Use stories to make a sick person well or a sad person happy.

-Avoid low self-esteem writing or misogyny in writing.  Eg. Avoid speaking of abortion in writing and conversely speak to empowerment or promote and advertise healthy ideas for men and women.

-Directions, angles, aerial

-“Improve lives” with your writing

-Comedic writing

-Ask a lot of questions

-Non Stop Writing Experiment #1

-Provide intelligent ways of doing things

-Enjoy Analysis or art etc.

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