Up to Snuff #9 Breaking Down in Technical Communication

Up to Snuff #9 Breaking Down in Technical Communication

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

I found it interesting and creative to write “off” data. To utilize data as a source for writing.
The Fork Lift Project was enlightening. I am interested in “plans” now in writing after a Feature Writing Class. I found the Fork Lift Project to contain an analysis scaffolding. The last I was working on a plan I thought it would be possible to layer the analysis or empiricalfacts.
I don’t have a link, but for example one, I will take a calendar print out like the ones found on http://www.timeanddate.com. I think a novel could emerge from an interesting calendar.

Example 2: A notice of inspection from my landlord. I think all the numeric data could be re interpreted, the dates, times, telephone number and addresses all correspond and point to a moment in time.

My suddenly seeing the example “Her She” in the Hershey Bar name led me to “Crackiola” and looking at origins in English. I began to think about the break downs of words and root systems. Many languages have a basis in English I found. I crack words.

I consciously think about examples of  how the brain is in strings. I am into “brain consciousness and thinking about the inner workings of my brain via life. I realized that similar to other technological beings we call up information in strings. Which led me to ideas for “String Therapy” where you consciously go into a thought and untie it, rewrite it and tie it back up.

Writing may mean value and service.  How does a Technical Communication education serve a student or come to have value in their life?  Technical Communication may involve asset mapping or the break-down of languages into bytes and categories.  At what intersections may one reap the benefits of Technical Communications?

­­­­­Writing is design.  “Tacit knowledge” may be employed to design or redesign one’s life in ­­­­-myriad ways. In order to ascertain a “niche” or a “nook” or find interesting areas to develop “Tacit knowledge” skills may be utilized.  At one time I wanted to employ “calendars” and design around time, an original life.  Another time, I wanted to take a bee farm and build- in, an asset mapping style outwards, enterprise, in conjunction with nature.  I find “tacit knowledge” falling within this realm of a kind of design that directs the course.  Tacit knowledge becomes a way of unfolding, investigation, and self- radiation.

Tacit alone is broad enough to keep spiraling outwards.  Tacit may even lead one to believe that they could take some entity and research within it.  For example, it’s possible to use the whole of the internet as a source for research.  I was working a short term position at an office and had an assignment to generate a spreadsheet with data from the internet.  It was surprising to me how valuable the information that can be generated, from this original host, “the internet,” that I thought one could base an entire company on internet research.

In terms of Design how Technical Communication may relate, I have this theory that it’s possible to build something up and work from it.  Build up  research or “information,” and utilize what I call the (KS) for the purpose of design or “Secondary Concept.”  The same could be done with a “Tacit Formula,” where there is a source that is compiled or built up that is chipped off or worked with in a variety of ways. With tacit it appears one takes something and builds it out such as a skill from something small that may have hidden and connected variables.

Date:  7/5/2015



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