What the Top 202 Ways to Accumulate Monies for School are in 2017

The top 201 ways I know of to accumulate monies for school are:

By Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

1) FAFSA, www. fafsa.ed.gov, Stafford Student Loans, Pell Grant, Perkins Loan, SEOG Grant, Teach Grant, the federal grants and loans for undergraduate and graduate school

2) AmeriCorps Vista 1 year, $5770 grant for school

3) CO OP-work part time in the field to defray costs

4) Departmental and college grants

5) Scholarships Financial Aid Office, full ride, grants, transfer, community college transfer grants, recurring scholarships

6) Student org scholarships $1900

7) Foreign Service Fellowships, ask Diplomat in Residence for suggestions ~$37,500 or consular sponsorships for art exhibitions etc

8) MSHDA First Time Home Owners, MSU Extension Meeting, register for an “IDA Savings Account” with matching funds for school or house up to $5000

9) Blog Stores, Shopify, Product Sales

10) Book Publication

11) Graduate Teach or Grad Assistant

12) Chavez Teaching Scholarships

13) Save in 529 Accounts, stash for a PHD

14) Learn direct from manufacturers such as Point Carre or Pantogram Embroidery

15) http://www.afford.com, payment plans, tuition management systems

16) Multilateral savings plans life insurance, several savings accounts, 529, 401 K, rollover IRA, Disability Accounts

17) http://www.finaid.org

18) http://www.fastweb.com

19) Military Benefits-www.afrotc.com/scholarships (Air Force & ROTC)

20) http://www.collegescholarhships.com

21) Gibill.va.gov

22) http://www.michigan.gov/mistudentaid, grants and scholarship search

23) http://www.michigan.gov/setwithmet   Michigan Education Trust

24) http://www.misaves.com   Michigan Education Savings Program (MESP)

25) Rhodes Scholar

26) Radcliff Fellow, Harvard

27) Endowment formulas

28) Skilled Trade Grants

29) Tuition Reimbursement

30) Consolidation of student loans helps some times

31) Blogging

32) Organized parties, graduation parties, coming of age celebrations with nice invitations

33) Family Trusts

34) Foundation Center, “Requests for Proposals” (RFP) for students

35) Work and go method

36) Work at home or “cockpit” work, outsourcing

37) Paid Internships

38) Company Scholarships

39) Zines, chap books, cook books

40) Apprenticeships

41)  Acquire expertise or professional skills to train, teach, lecture, tutor, or work

42) Sponsorship

43) Governmental Scholarships

44) Local Congressional Representatives Scholarships for region or state or federal

45) SBA Loan or Seed Grant

46) Schools that give Apple laptops to students (Full Sail)

47) Leap Frog Skills

48) Meet Up’s

49) Refined art skills like portraiture, painting, photography

50) School Foundations

51) Stratford Career Institute for basic career skills

52) Boot Camps and full immersion

53) Create value with information

54) Manufacturing

55) Working in general and savings plans, dedicated savings accounts

56) Direct Withdraw

57) Cleaning

58) Think Tanks

59) Publication of thesis or dissertation

60) Community Television or TV Shows or Talk Shows

61) Student newspapers or Magazine Submissions

62) Certified Non Profit Professional or CNP

63) Clubs, organizations and memberships that carry opportunities

64) Awards

65) Grants

66) Basic Human Account or Birthright Package

67) Life Insurance

68) Any job and afford.com, or your schools payment plan

69) Prints or dissemination in general

70) Acting, modeling, private artist model,  or class artist model eg. portraits or sculpture

71) Grandparents and parents, older siblings will often help

72) Kitsch parties, Tupperware, Christmas Pageant Sales, admissions

73) Research Grants

74) Advertising

75) Product or Service

76) Rentals

77) For Hire

78) Private Lessons

79) Night Sewing

80) DJing

81) Selling companies, writing a business plan or sale of an idea or concept

82) Work nights

83) Train to be personal trainer

84) Fulfillment

85) Start an organization

86) Be a Chef or Personal Chef

87) Bud Tender or Dispensary

88) Work in the Government or for State Department

89) Taxi Driver

90) Research Surveys

91) Wait Tables

92) Learn volume practices, steam cabinets for volume food service

93) Concerts, recitals, readings, lectures, tours

94) Self Publish

95) MIT Open Source

96) Ecommerce

97) Mortgage or Renovations Monies

98) Promotional Items

99) Events

100) Prosperous Zero

101) Make finery

102) Imports/Exports

103) Shops, restaurants, franchises, drive thru’s

104) Serve the community

105) Pharmaceuticals

106) Supply Chain

107) Plumbing

108) Electrician

109) Work Study

110) Childcare, nanny, Governess

111) Landscaping

112) Mowing, when grass grows you make money

113) Use Home Depot Plans to construct play houses or projects

114) Put up Christmas lights

115) Murals

116) Holiday products or services, entertainment, events, gatherings

117) University Research Studies

118) Volunteer Work

119) Work in a car dealership

120) Audio Visual

121) Tech Support

122) Repairs

123) Trainer of new tech, cell phones, social media etc.

124) Flyers, pamphlets, college bulletins

125) Rehearsal studios and private lessons

126) Art works

127) Article submission, syndication, or reprints

128) Crowd Funding

129) Social Media Promotions

130) Go into parents fields for contacts

131) Database, online rolodex, enters email, list serve

132) Administrative Assistant

133) Staffing agencies (UM Temporary, Manpower, Resource MFG)

134) Build a repository of knowledge

135) Go to the library

136) Build a home library

137) Refinance

138) Poetry

139) College Career Sites

140) Film

141) Library of Congress, building collections or documentation

143) a US Artist

144) Pedagogy

145) Exhibitions

146) Business Plan

147) Travel Writer

148) Critic

149) Tour Guide

150) Work at the hospital or in the pharmacy

151) Graduate Assistant

152) Kabbage.com  business expansion loans

153) SBA Business Loans

154) Fulfillments

155) Out of mortgage or Renovations Loans

156)  Grants to school for STEM

157)  Publications, columnist, freelance article and journal submissions

158) Inheritance

159) Trickle Down where older sibling pays for next in line

160) Franchise & Group of colleagues running a franchise, Teen Franchises

161) Go to President,/Government with A’s and Intentions or plans for contribution

162) Parents 529 Investment, Parental Retirement Accounts or savings

163) Work in parent’s business

164) bank loan

165) Sell postcards, key chains, promotional items

166) Self Publish

167) Valuable information

168) Investments, live off interest

169) Certifications (life guard, boating, swim instructor, personal trainer, plumbing etc)

170) Scholarship Databases finaid, fastweb, schools

171) Do things other people don’t want to do

173) Technology, programming, social media, apps, links, software engineering, IT

174) Training others

175) Lots of hours and manufacturing

176) Temp to hire

177) Executive Assistant

178) Two or three jobs

179) Jobsites, like Michigan Talent, Indeed, school sites, Craigslist

180) 403B, 401K, 529, savings accounts, learn to save, portfolio of savings accounts

181) Never taking out credit card accounts helps to have wealth above zero

182) Art Fair Circuits

183) Magazines

184) Prints

185) Diversity of Skill

186) Loops, Links, Webinars, Online Ads, Ecommerce Degrees

187) Bands, music, sheet music, composition

188) Theater, ticket sales, shows, performance in general

189) Graphic Design/Print Media

190) Assembly

191) Teaching in Online Schools

192) Teaching Community College

193) Quick Skill and resume building that helps to generate more income sometimes via volunteer & internship, classes, orgs

194) Become a Founder or CEO

195) Resume Writing

196) Business Plan

197) Gallery Representation or Art Dealer

198) Residencies

199) Big Box or Fortune 200 or Fortune 500 benefits and matching funds, tuition reimbursements

200) Product sales

201) RFP, Request for Proposals, eg. foundation center.org

202) Tax credits




















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