Fit, Lean & Beautiful #17

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #17

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu


Curl or add body to limp hair with a roller set or a permanent wave. Train and program the hair.  Brighten the hair.

Alternatively, one may adjust the setting on their hairdryer to a low setting and a cooler temperature to fluff, thicken, add body or curl to hair.

It can also be nice when growing a long head of hair to prune it back several times to thicken it before it grows long.

I was given good advice to curler bump the folds of my under pinned hair do’s to get a smooth more polished finish.

A really nice way to meet calcium necessities and get enough milk in one’s diet may be drinking chocolate milk.  Chocolate milk may be good for children and elderly to encourage calcium intake.

Spring is here time to plant roses.  I had a vision to beautify the side of the house with red climbing roses planted against the wall in a row.  I am looking for wild pussy willow.

I planted herbs, perennials, roses, wild flowers and spread grass seed-to catch the feeling of the beginning of spring-and scheduled a haircut.

A schedule part exercise, music rehearsal, volunteering, AmeriCorps, work 1, 2, 3, jobs, language on Saturday’s, language on Sundays, beauty Friday’s, and studying every night late night-really beautifies you.  Studying all the time really beautifies you.

Schedule vaccinations for upcoming trips and anything preventative or necessary that may be needed.  Plan things far in advance, like overseas travel or beach time or holiday savings clubs.  Rent a place or on Trip Advisor there are international apartments for short term rental. Coast holiday to holiday.






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