Fit, Lean & Beautiful #18

Fit, Lean and Beautiful #18

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

Remarkable results with the hairdryer on a cool temperature and a high setting with a diffuser.  Hair appeared to double in size, lighter and fluffier with more body.

It may be advisable to liposuction after pregnancy.

The other thing that doesn’t have to be permanent are stretch marks which a qualified plastic surgeon’s office or RN may remove.

What’s really nice when you are working on your beauty is to “clean slate yourself” and free your body of stretch marks, scars, hair, tattoos, vision surgery, and healthy head of hair, and elimination of illnesses, microdermabrasion, mandelic peels, and porcelain teeth.  One may be attracted to the perfected human form. Some people walk around looking as if a translucent baby.  You may even need Rolfing, a back brace and minor or major surgeries to heal your form. Liquid Nitrogen from a dermatologist can also remove unwanted growths or excise unwanted moles.  One idea is to take a mole from your leg and add it to your face perhaps to cover an issued area.  Skin graphing comes in a variety of forms these days and so do laser technologies.

It’s possible to heal toenails by grinding the nail down at its beginning to start a new nail-a skill a Chinese Pedicurist had in Ypsilanti, Michigan.  Planning nice spiritual hours where one might open the day with Chinese Falun Gong Exercises, watch a video or listen to music and practice exercises with the Falun Gong Books, pray, read, light a candle, and burn some incense.  Mix it up with music lessons, rehearsals for:  music, speeches, poetry, Prosperous Zero, classes and early morning private instruction.

It’s possible to develop a nice sequence around the house that enjoys and uses the space.  One room may be designated, for example, for the library and the end of the night may conclude in there reading.

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