Fit, Lean & Beautiful #19

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #19
By Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

It was suggested in an earlier article that Jasmine Tea is for women and
Green Tea for men, however there may be some exceptions. Green tea may be well suited to a heavier or larger woman or a person in need of something stronger that may have been created for a man, as opposed to Jasmine that may be lighter, and more fragrant.

There are several fantastic kinds of breathing to learn such as with singing and weight training. With singing you inhale and fill and push the abdomen and send your voice on the thread of breath in the exhale in counts of 4 as in 4 beats in a measure. Inhale 4, exhale 4. In weight training it is opposite where you exhale while lifting and push your air out etc. then inhale when coming back down. Breathing exercises and techniques can be a fun thing to collect and learn to improve performance and optimize fitness. One may achieve a very different voice or a very different physique based on their breathing regimen. Weight training or weight bearing exercises help to build strength.  Strength is a good thing to build first to help you with other kinds of fitness training.  Weight training impacts definition, target areas, strength, firmness and flexibility-it stretches you out.
What are also nice are windows like a juju window box or perhaps crafting a nice vista for window viewing-even in all of your windows.

If you are one to plant, pay close attention everywhere you go to see what are the early bloomers thriving in your area.  It’s lovely to take note of all the varieties of spring’s early bloomers and make a small research.  I have noticed lots of honeysuckle, hyacinth, daffodils and some buds on blooming trees fragrant enough to scent the exterior of the house.  It can be such a joy to plant or care for or live with plants. It’s even nice to be happy for rainy days that bring more flowers.

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