Fit, Lean & Beautiful #20

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #20

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

It may be interesting to adjust the stomach size.  Stomach size may be the whole premise behind bariatric surgeries that adjusts stomachs that may have equalized in tandem with the body and spiraled out of control.  It can become difficult to “power on” a large body without adequate food.  It’s interesting to make an adjustment to the size of ones stomach first psychologically and consciously choose to have a smaller stomach.  By starting a habit of smaller portions, even if your quantity is okay, you may make this adjustment to your stomach size with portions or heavy on soups etc.  It’s a little low impact bariatric shrink home spun-adjusting stomach size with portions, DIY.

Another stomach oriented tip one may find interesting if you have a large stomach is in weight training you may exercise the whole body and not the stomach and the stomach will still drop off.  It might even be crucial to protect your organs?  One theory is that if you exercise the whole body and not the stomach, the body equalizes and increases in circulation and the stomach runs tandem with the rest of the body and the stomach goes away.

Twenty minutes of cardio every time you exercise is a bit of magic to your metabolism.  Consistent and regular cardio wakes up the heart gives the body momentum-amazing!  Cardio, cardio, cardio.  So even if you exercise twice a week, after the 3rd week you may start to see definition in your body (cuts) from weight training and stamina, energy and calorie burn from cardio.  Apparently, you can spin fat right off with recumbent bikes.  In twenty minutes it’s easy to bike 3 miles.  Another nice thing to inspire you is music, with an IPOD or cell phone radio, bike to the music; you will bike harder, faster and longer.  Get an upbeat 70’s or 80’s station, and bike away. Or even design your twenty minutes with a playlist on your IPod.  The first things to go are often the cup size (breasts) and buns.

I have been analyzing what truly gives one energy?  One thing is cardio to increase the heart rate, and circulation, to get you really pumping and faster. Another thing that gives energy is to build the blood with folic acid over the counter or iron tablets.  Another thing that gives energy is air, for example from an albuterol inhaler before working out.  Carrot juice is another thing I find to be really speedy and impactful to the metabolism along with fresh fruits and vegetables.  Possibly a probiotic may also aid in foods assimilation and be energy producing.  The other thing that gives energy is green tea and lots of it.  With green tea you can even be nocturnal.

If you have a health hurdle look for a medical fitness class in your local gym and try intellectualizing your fitness, health or weight loss to make it something educational for yourself to come away from the journey with alot of knowledge.  Even weight loss can be wonderfully intellectual.  There are also great degrees to be had in physical fitness.  You may consider a renovations loan to build a fitness room onto your house with a pool, recumbent bike or to your taste bud.

The other thing I have found really exciting is fitness, health and spirituality on TV.  Try ordering premium channels from your local cable TV such as Xfinity like Gaia or Gaiam and catch belly dancing classes on the fly and really good ones, see lectures from Deepak Chopra on happiness or yoga classes.  Premium channels can be a wonderful thing to add to your fitness life right at home anytime.  While you’re adding premium channels it’s nice to get foreign language channels like Latino TV or French TV and integrate linguistics into your TV programming.

The other thing that really struck me from a Deepak Chopra lecture was something he mentioned about building happiness with “practice.” Having practices, like exercise or music etc. can turn into skills and ultimately joy. Having things you “practice,” can be very rewarding and a good thing to integrate into the mix of one’s plans for wisdom/knowledge/mastership.

The 40’s are best spent cleaning up the all the wildness of the teen’s, 20’s and 30’s.  Some may clean up sooner.  Such as removing silver fillings from teeth and putting in porcelain or removing tattoo’s with laser, or removing hair with electrolysis. Clean up time.

There is a lot of great stuff on happiness and spiritual building blocks on Gaia TV for those who need a spiritual tune up or internal work out.  It can be great at the end of the day after work just to hear some positive thoughts or catch a lecture and hear some positive advice and it’s highly recommended.

The other nice thing to start can be to stack up a coffee table as a “knowledge table.”  Stack up unread magazines, French books, Spanish books, note cards, culinary magazines, Culinary Institute of America books, Falun Gong books-whatever you like.  Create this inviting atmosphere of knowledge in one area that you sink into and that can dramatically improve life in connection with one’s private library.  It’s really nice to build a valuable collection of books in one’s library.



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