Fit, Lean & Beautiful #21

Fit, Lean and Beautiful #21

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

After getting into your workout routine it’s nice to think about adding calcium for the bones and joint juice (Meijer’s) to make yourself stronger in your skeleton.

There are three machines at my gym that you can look out for at your gym the 1)Chest Press, 2)Fly and 3)The Lat, that all magically firm the breasts.  Before you consult a plastic surgeon you may want to try really toning, firming, shaping and lifting the breasts with weight training, it truly works.  The quality of your breasts can dramatically change with the right weight training.  Also hand held dumbbells or free weights at about 5lbs or 6 lbs. done in bicep curls can also assist with the breasts (lock your elbows and lift up).

One interesting thing I noticed doing bicep curls while standing on one leg grounded me in my leg and gave me balance.  Following one leg bicep curls I practiced balancing on one leg for 10 seconds with my eyes closed and was grounded in my legs from the former exercise.  There are ways to create and instill balance using free weights.  It’s kind of like being grounded into yourself with weights pulling you down.

I have noticed skin doesn’t tend to sag when you do weight training, the skin tightens nice and taught.  I find that with weight training exercises like the “Fly” or the “Lat” also my double chin is going and tightening and my feet are getting smaller.

One’s face can thin out and it’s possible to start looking like another person.

I don’t want to retract my stomach article in Fit, Lean & Beautiful #20, however, to get rid of a big belly quicker there are standing abdominal weight training machines that are upright and good old sit ups/crunches 3 reps of 10 can do the job.  If your belly is big then try just gliding your hands up your leg to your knees and do a baby crunches or sit ups on a stability ball.

It was recommended to me to sauna and shower at the gym for a little lux and increased weight loss after a work-out.  One can sauna-sweat out, shower wash off and use the bathroom to let go of as much fat etc. as possible. Give fat lots of exits.

I will kind of miss my big belly, it had/has a maternal feeling for a woman.

I would also like to upgrade that one can ride the recumbent bicycle for 20 minutes of cardio and very easily bike 3.5 miles.

Step counters and special watches and gauges are fun too.

Particular use of color like respectful blues or a nice patterned silk scarf or even a wrap, shawl or Reboso can bring a lot of  beauty.

There is a wonderful “Beauty Composition Oil” from Aveda that smells plant/herb like and is absolutely divine.

Frequent showering is also a beautifier-just being frequently fresh.  In some countries like Puerto Rico where temperatures are hot, people generally shower a few times a day and look their best right after.

One of the most sensual things one can do is just buy undershirts and underwear, a snug and clean feeling is very beautiful.





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