Techlit #1

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

I had an interesting experience working in an online environment, with remote teams and remote management.  It was really nice how teams met in online rooms via passwords and used chat support systems and microphone systems, head sets etc.  What I liked about it was having my own “cockpit” at home and a complete online environment where you can go room to room that is all virtual.  We also used several databases to access the relevant information.  Perhaps one database is for policies, a second may be for repairs, a third may be for hardware support and tech issues.  I worked by phone to quickly access using search functions within a database and then to achieve whatever task needed to be done by phone and giving direction or talking through the specific steps.  I used a live database and went also between several databases quickly. Also the online pages are full of buttons and links to connect one to management or a variety of necessary work components.   It took several minutes maybe 20, to log into all the passwords and actually arrive to work.  I could sync devices, I could handle gaming issues, I could explain how to’s, I may look at billing issues or have a question for chat myself, or need to escalate.  I think that was one type of work environment of the future.  It was amazing how to train, work, manage, communicate completely virtual and remote.  I would like to see more elements like that in companies that help with collaborations internationally etc.

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