Fit, Lean & Beautiful #22

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #22

By Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

A new toothbrush can spruce up a mouth and brighten teeth.  A nice mouthwash can really deep clean and freshen the whole mouth after flossing.

Recently it was found that a stay too long in the sauna can enlarge pores of the face.  Try a pore refining toner to change the chemistry of the face.  If that doesn’t do the complete job, try resurfacing the skin at a plastic surgeons office.  Appointments are better made in the winter.

Pruning back the hair can thicken it up.  Shoulder length hair dries quickly, you can still pin it up and wear it long.  At the salon, they may blow it in five directions to build body with a blow dry. There are some stylists who lay the hair over the nozzle of the hair dryer to curl it after dividing it into small sections with clips.  Try a round, vented brush.  Aveda’s Hair Thickener works wonders.

Aveda has great scented oils such as Shampure that just has a clean scent and Beauty Composition Oil that is more plant smelling. Aveda has wonderful lip colors such as the sheer mineral colors like rhubarb that complements tan skin.

I found out that shiny textiles, shiny or silky cloth can be nice to convey affluence or for a new and clean feeling.

What’s really nice are the combination base and top coat from Sally Hansen’s for manicures and pedicures.  If you sandwich your nail color between a base and top coat, a pedicure can last even a month sometimes.

For around the house, it’s important to spackle all the holes made from picture hangings and shelves, etc.  Bugs can make holes in the wall their home and burrow.   Try spackling, letting it dry, sanding then painting over holes.

If you want a brand new feeling, try a new wardrobe every quarter and a fresh haircut every three weeks (or more for men) and several showers a day to freshen up.  Stock up on white shirts, new underwear and socks frequently.

One really nice style is “Arab.” Try tunics with pants, nice sandals and fine jewelry.

The other little thing to stock up on is meat tenderizer from the supermarket (available at Meijer’s).

A quickie bookshelf can be done with cinder blocks and custom cut wood from the hardware store (Home Depot).  It’s always possible to build on the wall, sometimes you have to build free-standing and in front of the wall if the wall studs cannot support your shelves or books weight.  It can be nice to get creative by speaking with a carpenter and looking at the number of shelf designs available.  All scholars invest in shelves.

What’s also really nice is right before a special event such as a job interview or some place where you may see several colleagues or in the variety of tribes with which you are connected-its nice to cut your hair, have fresh ends or make a trip to the beauty salon.  Eyebrows can be spruced up.  It’s nice to also remove all the “shadow” from your face with electrolysis.

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