Luxurious Insect Removal #2: 10 Bug Tricks

Luxurious Insect Removal #2:  10 Bug Tricks

By Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

  • Use a bug spray from Home Depot to spray a boundary around the perimeter of your building or house to block bugs out.
  • Spray a little bug spray on or near the food of an animal to make an animal leave your property, eg. Possums leave if some bug spray is sprayed on leaves.
  • For a locust in the house that likes light or flies near a light source, turn off all lights and open the front door, it will sense outside air and fly out after you take away the light it’s attracted to. (don’t swat, or squash or trap) Also close doors to rooms. But the whole town has to be sprayed to get them out.  Locusts may even be something evolutionary biologists created for wars.  Often using planes and stuff to get them out.  They have a hard shell, they sting and are venomous.
  • For strange bugs that get in the walls of your home, drill a hole in the wall and shoot a “bug bomb” in there often used for lice from animals etc. Available at hardware stores.
  • Fill all holes with spackle left from picture hangers, screws and nails to keep bugs out.
  • Paint with sealer or regular paint to find creative ways to fill holes where bugs get in. Also keep walls clean by painting or cleaning so there is no oil on walls for bugs to live on.
  • Baseboards also keep bugs out.
  • Trap certain kinds of bugs, vindictive bugs like scorpion, under a mug or glass, slide underneath a cardboard or record or something thin and strong you find around the house then remove from the house and release outside.
  • Tarantula’s look really ominous but have soft bodies that die easily. Use a broom or a book or the bottom of a shoe to kill a tarantula quickly. For household spiders, keep house free of webs and dust.  A shoe or a book or many hard surfaced items kill spiders quickly.  Try not to spray or aggravate them. Black Magic etc. in many countries makes for many tarantulas for sale.
  • For cockroaches seal all holes to keep them out. Study where and how they get in. Try using sealers and bombs, closing off entry points and spray a heavy duty home depot spray.  There are some outside companies that for a few hundred dollars will close off all your holes with foams etc. and keep them out successfully. Plus getting poison to their nest. (Absolute Death, NYC)






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