Fit, Lean & Beautiful #24

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #24

By Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

Getting back to basics once one has gone off track can be something like GO FOR ORANGE!

Much success can be had with a simplified diet that includes lots of carrot juice for energy and speed, oranges for immune health and turmeric, lots of chicken curries to cleanse.  What I am noticing is that it’s really good in older age to get into deeper and deeper healing practices.

If you find yourself needing compression stockings for your circulation its really good to question your primary care whether or not you have any vascular problems with varicose veins etc. or heart problems that include blockages and require percutaneous treatments with scopes to clean out arteries.   It’s really easy to  get circulation problems and pressure in the legs and feet.  There are lots of tests that can be done for both vascular and the heart, even blood tests.

I am finding its best to probe and clean parts of the body even the heart just like the teeth especially when you have gained weight or with aging.  Apparently many cardiologists insert stents into the arteries to open them up for better circulation and insert scopes through the groin up to the heart to clean out plaque and blockage.  Heart blockage may be something common that needs routine care or at least once in a life time care or maintenance.

What is also something nice to work on in older age is ones posture and see a chiropractor.  People very often start to slump while pregnant, or with larger breasts or with older age-see a chiropractor for their set of spinal treatments that straighten and align ones spine to look and feel better in older age.  Perhaps look into “Rolfing” and making sure one’s body is properly lining up. Yoga helps a lot with alignment problems with the good ol’ kundalini trick where you place an imaginary string on top of your head and pull yourself up straight.  Aim to stand tall, straight, proud and peacock.

If one has any pinched nerves in the knees or pulled tendons get excited for a trip to a good physical therapist like ATI in Ypsilanti, Michigan.  Down the medical chain different practices get a lot of expertise in different areas.  Don’t be afraid to talk to a lot of people until you find your expert.  Many sports medicine and physical therapists or (PT) tend to be experts of the knees.  There are very interesting exercises that can be learned from physical therapists including just standing for 30 seconds on the balls of your feet to pump up calves, or propping feet at an angle on a half foam roll to give the legs a stretch. If you’re at home try using your stairs to stretch. Figure out good stretches in and around your house.  What I found really interesting was exercising on a padded table with a belt connected to my ankle and pulling my leg up from behind to deeply stretch my thighs and knees. Exercising on a table may be better for older or injured persons and is commonly done in physical therapy.  I also did some bridge like buttocks squeezes to firm that area.  What was really the magic of physical therapy is many things are pulled tendons or pinched nerves and it’s possible to target specific regions to alleviate pain with stretching.  Absolutely magic!

Getting in shape with injuries can be difficult.  What one physical therapist recommended was if for example you have a knee injury to try “low impact exercises:” like swimming, bicycling, resistance training, and yoga.  There are great things that can be added to a home gym like: the belts that strap around the legs to pull them up from behind or pull you down in a stretch, half foam rolls, balls to use against the wall, stretchy tape that fits around ankles to do side stretches, timers, ice packs, 2-3 blocks to stretch on or do steps on, a padded table, stretching cages, recumbent bicycles, handheld weights and weights in pouches that strap on etc.

What one doctor also recommends are professional orthopedic prescribed insoles that will balance or tip your leg in the right direction.  Stores like “Running Fit,” in Ann Arbor sell a variety of insoles to correct a variety of feet including flat feet etc.

One of the best places to look for good shoes is in your local uniform supply like “Scrubs.”  or    There are a lot of really well made, comfortable, good shoes that are sold with uniforms or medical or nursing supplies.  Imagine those really nice shoes your doctor wears, good proper healthy shoes. You can find slip resistant shoes or things good for culinary too.

Compression stockings can also be prescribed in 20-30 strength or 30-40 or 40-50 for extra strength. There are many varieties of compression stockings that can be purchased from an orthopedic supply, over the counter or from a uniform store.  Compression stockings may even be good for sedentary people or depressive traits.

Another interesting tidbit is not to give up on your legs if you have knock knees or bowed legs.  A good plastic surgeon can align the legs and correct them above and below the knee.  Many people have legs or knee problems from osteo arthritis that tip their legs one way or another.  There are options for leg/knee correction that includes plastic surgery or insoles in shoes for a simpler correction.

Try saving up for quarterly liposuctions with sculptra to shape the body after.  Liposuction can cost about $5000 or even as low as $3000 depending on what you need or where you go.  It’s best to pay more for sculpting services.  Liposuction can alleviate many future heart problems and mobility issues with weight gain and even elongate one’s life. Liposuction is a worthwhile investment and a good health option.  Liposuction is performed as outpatient surgery and needs to be done by a plastic surgeon.  It’s not always realistic to expect fat to disappear even with exercise.

One tip for the hair is Biotin really, really sprouts the hair.  The hair has to age after but it’s possible to grow one’s own hair with Biotin.

I was reading about a Yogi that had practiced yoga as a way of life for over 37 years in “Natural Awakenings Magazine.” I was so moved to think about long term health options and how beautiful a life with yoga is.  It’s nice to make one’s life devoted to positivity using exercise, healthy diet and teachings.

One aside is Zinnia’s bloom and bloom.  I have a patch of Zinnia’s that are still blooming in October and I saw some new buds.  They have been blooming in a staggered fashion all summer and continue to bloom in the fall.  I just cut a few off and bring them inside and have fresh cut flowers all the time.  I have never known a heartier flower.  They need water every day.  There is a bag of Zinnia seed mix that comes with its soil and fertilizer from Meijer’s.  Look for flowers that stagger their blooms for endless blooms.  (Encap, Zinnia Mix, All in one mulch, fertilizer and seed annuals blooms in a variety of colors attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, 2 lb. bag Apparently Encap is using advanced soil technology.

The other thing I would like to recommend is starting a computer file to collect vacation ideas such as:   raw food yoga retreats, or Nia dance retreats, or African walking treks, or even a variety of cruises (  It’s nice to plan a cleanse, or an exercise vacation or even a resting vacation out of society. It’s good to study maps and search beach websites and generally look around for your states natural areas for nature walks or look for bird sanctuaries.  It can also be nice to find out about international holidays to sync up ones trip during a festive time period.  Look for international calendars or books on international holidays.

Enjoy fall with outdoor fireplaces, cider mills and add a private shrine or maybe a virgin to spiritualize.  Don’t forget to get every fall goodie, all the squashes, apples, pumpkins, donuts and quick breads, at least one caramel apple and go for a fall glory country drive to lift up your soul.

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