Invisible President: Happy Life!!! Things to do with Family and Friends in Michigan, Nearby and Elsewhere

Happy Life!!!  Things to do with Family and Friends, Michigan, Nearby and elsewhere

By Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu


Tawas Point State park

Mackinac Island


Traverse City

Maumee Bay Erie Oregon Ohio



Pinckney Recreation Area

Waterloo Trails


South Haven

Grand Haven


Germack  Nuts and Coffee

Sanders  Chocolate

Sophie Pickles

Kowalski Sausages

Flea Markets

Antique Shops

Fair Grounds




Outdoor Concerts

Art Fair

Sea World

Cedar Point

Value World, Salvation Army Thrifting

Tireman Road Detroit- Coneys, flea market by Islamic Center

Sand Dunes-Muskegon

Go Cart places East Lansing

International Grocery Circuit

Cook books

Hour Detroit Magazines Search for Good Culinary


Toledo Zoo

Detroit Zoo

Portrait or to Draw at Detroit Zoo

Antique Photo Frankenmuth

Portrait Innovations portraits

Spa, plastic, mani, pedi, Fran Coy Salon etc.


Michigan Theater

Ruth’s Steak House

Comic Book Place Detroit

Eastern Market & Local shops around it

Save A Lot  to buy Soul Food

Fish Bone’s Aretha Franklin’s Restaurant

Kid’s clothes (Indian tunics, Chinese outfits-Value world, online, Ragstock, Flamenco Dresses

Bookstores, Literati

Sheet Music shopping

Looking at Instruments

Brewing Pub

Fish Fry on Michigan Ave. Ypsilanti

Grinders or Submarine

Make a Spaghetti bake

We can get “cut beef” to make an African stew from Kasoa Market

Shop for Music

Kilwins get a caramel apple

Copernicus Polish Market in Ann Arbor get everything and Mouton Cadet


RV or Pop Up Van

Vacation house, lake and boat

State parks

Waterloo trails

Pinckney Trails

Ford Park and Trails

Petoskey flea markets

See eye glasses

Rock shop

Cherry Festivals

Cider Mills

Christmas lights

Country drive

Apple orchards

Berry Festivals

Sundae’s “Traveler’s Club” Okemos formerly Miller Farms (serves kiddie cocktails and sundaes)


Environmental Interests:  Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy, Leslie Nature Center, The Nature Conservancy, The Ecology Center, Inland Seas Education Association, Master Rain Gardeners


Hay rides, search Michigan Farms


Drive Thrus (fast food)

Grocery Shopping

Sommerset Mall

Fairlane Mall

12 Oaks Mall

Go to Library

Study or Research

Butcher Shop

Fish Market

Middle Eastern Markets in Dearborn (lamb, arabic coffee)

Downtown Detroit

Greek Town

Cruises going around Michigan

Fisher Theater

Antique shops

Find antique fair grounds


Target, wooden plates

The Ark live music

Catch a lecture

Penny Stamps (lectures)

Make a fire in or out, fireplace or fire pit or camping or everyday fire, get song books or guitar or other instrument


International Institute Events

Record Store downtown

Treasure Mart

Fruit markets

Kresge Bird Sanctuary

Riverside Art Center

Quilt Center

Ice Cream Cones

Coney Islands for Coneys!!

Bucket of Chicken go the park

Downtown Ann Arbor

Downtown Manchester

Lodi Township/Pleasant Lake Road Country side

Milan Cider Mill

Blicks Art Supply

Water colors to the Beach

Rent a house Pentwater


Race car track

Rent a pop up van

Rent a sports car

Rent a luxury new car

DIA Films

UMMA exhibitions

Ecorse Road Ice Cream stand

Wiards Cider Mill

County Fairs

Meijers Christmas time Popcorn tins, Brachs Chews

Salt City Antiques on Michigan Ave Ypsilanti

Smiths Antiques, Michigan Ave, Ann Arbor

Christmas tree ornament shopping

Fresh tree some years, Produce Station

Getting Fire wood

Collecting dishes, cook books


Good Will thrifting

Nuway Thrift Store Kalamazoo

Fur shops of Furriers of Detroit

Gospel Music

Sheet Music

Clavichord Recital catch at EMU

Tree lightings

Cocoa and Marshmallows


Girl Scout Cookies


Lots of Baking

Shopping and cooking


Aveda perfume oils, haircuts, nice shampoos


Train to Toronto

Upper Peninsula Forests and nature

Sleeping Bear Dunes

Chicago list-Uncle Fun’s, Penny’s Noodle Shop, Heaven on 7, Blues, Maxwell Street Flea Market, Devon Ave. Indian Shops, Wicker Park, Magnificent Mile, Pilsen, South Loop, John Fluevog Chicago/Wicker Park

ABC or Best Buy

Tim Hortons

Duncan Donuts

General Taos Chicken

Canopy Bed


Stony Creek market

9012 Stony Creek at Willis

734-482-7504 wines and craft beer


Learn to ice skate

Detroit Opera House

A2  2030 Commerce blvd a2 yoga

Ann Arbor Suzuki Institute


Lu Ban Interior Contraction LLC

2184 New burgh Dr

Troy, Mi 48083



Deck, Fence



Golden Lawn Service


Hua Xing Market

Kasoa Market

Hyundai Market

Mediterranean Market

Bombay Market


Roses Market

European Market

Corpernicus Market


Trader Joes

Whole Foods Market

Produce Station

Dos Hermanos Market

Bangladesh Market


Wen’s Kitchen Supply

31658 John R. Road

Madison Heights, MI 48701


Shanghai rentals

Bike Riding


Westside Furniture Consignment Emporium

Tie and Dye

Silk screen

Art Projects



Textiles( Placemats, napkins, quilts, fabrics, throws, sweaters, table clothes, blankets, ties, socks, jeans, overalls, tennis shoes)

A knitting machine

Boot shop Chelsea


Sporting Events, Detroit Lions, Pistons, Red Wings

UM foot ball, EMU, high school and little league

Exercise Classes

Current Magazine regular list of events

Host a Party

Mexican Fiesta

Safari Night

Full Moon Bazaar

Tomukun Korean BBQ

Dibella’s Subs

Cocktail parties with Kiddie cocktails

Form a choir

Choir director

Nature Walk

Long Walk-nice places to walk?

Pizza party

Around fire place

Song Books

Put in pizza oven

tail gating or in house versions with appetizers

big holidays


yoga retreats

Annual or around calendar repeated from former article:  rent a cottage, birthdays, dinner parties, time alone, teaching time, reading- time start a box of books to take to the cottage, nature walks, camping, BBQ’s, family reunions, Mexican Fiestas, Christmas parties, cocktail parties, kids sleep overs, cocoa parties, disco nights, fire side sing alongs, full moon parties, caroling, pilgrimages, spiritual times, fasting, keep track of old friends, trip with a friend, cruise, renew vows, anniversaries, traditions, go out to favorite restaurants every year same time, pool parties, parks, plays and favorite theaters, concerts, playing music with friends, recitals, annual performances, playing games or cards, scrabble night, read poems with writer friends or poetry readings, exhibitions, private film screenings, non-profit events, Oktoberfest etc.


African Walking Treks


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