Up to Snuff #47: Nice Ways to Prepare to Write a Book

Up to Snuff #47:  Nice Ways to Prepare to Write a Book

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

  • PHD Research and Dissertation and becoming authority on a subject
  • Engage in Academic Research
  • Engage in Independent Research
  • Build a Database
  • Design a software for your book or books, study software development
  • Design a set and build from set, plot and theme, with questions
  • Journal
  • Collect or compile: poems, articles or recipes or emails or build anthology of many writers
  • Start with an APA Format Research Proposal, build a bibliography, then research , then write book
  • Blow up a dot
  • Investigative methods, even international or at libraries or with surveys or online or in databases like a legal database for example, or in newspaper archives, or in historical records, or by asking questions and attending events, keeping notes  or with tape recorders
  • By going to school in general and accessing good libraries and papers including dissertations
  • By working or gaining expertise in an area via some particular access to knowledge
  • Use of technology and programs to aid in generation of information like for humor
  • Kinds of scripting or plays or performative writings built from readings, staging, or movement
  • Design a book of images such as from photography or art in an art catalogue or musical compositions or get culinary degree and create specialized cook books
  • Documentary photo and journalistic stories
  • Create historical documentation archive of one’s job, city, family, state, organizations, save clippings over time
  • Teach something or heal something
  • Field Studies
  • Use filing systems to build books (some have built from note cards)
  • Record a book



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