Theories About the Existence of Life Main Frames

Theories About the Existence of Life Main Frames

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

The Life Main Frames may be decoded once one either asks enough questions about the existence of this or that and recognizes that it must have been run by a certain kind of computer or when one realizes that they have stumbled upon something that must have  been the planet Earth’s original recipe.

There must have been a day or time period when the planetary owners sat down to birth their nations and design their planet.   Obviously what must have occurred were we need this, we need that plus all the romanticism that would go into a planetary design.  It wasn’t until recently when this author was writing on two occasions she felt she had connected back to a Life Main Frame.  I do think some of Earth’s design was gradual and piecemeal however a lot was laid out and planned from the beginning including what would be Earthlings preoccupation, knowledge, looks, homes, wealth, cultures, languages etc.

The first occasion this author felt they had connected to a Life Main Frame was when trying to decode how diseases actually lived and maintained themselves-her theory was that they were designed and maintained by a  Life Main Frame?  Someone had to be their designer and someone appeared to have to run them.  Some diseases appear to be programs running from a host?  The design of disease may not have been purely malicious, it may have been for population control.  Obviously without disease people would not easily die off and with continuous birth may over populate quite rapidly.  Probably even some of the healthier nations, with healthy cultures and diets coupled with frequent birth may have faced other problems like over population (Mexico).  Even the design of homosexuality may have been to curb over population.  Cultures driven towards family faced incredible problems quickly with over population and running out of land.  Later designs may have included the phenomenon of over population in mind.  However later designers may have had better ideas like increasing planets or cluster models or finding unique ways for handling growing families with growing needs like more houses, more food etc.  Perhaps early Life Main Frames felt that life needs death or life cycle, at least for some?  Manufacturers or food suppliers may have been excluded from life cycle?  Human genetic designs also seem geared towards the cycling of life.  One man’s theory was that Earths plan didn’t work perfectly and the originators may have wanted to start over?

On a recent occasion this author was writing about existentialism and via a “Crackiola” session looking at roots of words and came to believe “art” was really a derivative of “are” with a T and consequently relating to existentialism.  I think the design of art relates back to Earth’s origin and perhaps a Life Main Frame’s design for existentialism.  Art appears to relate to what may have been designed on a Life Main Frame as Earthlings desired preoccupation with the dilemma of his own existence.  It may have been one of the more romantic ideas for Earthlings to experience existentialism via a variety of media like paint, drawing, fiber or photography.

Recently, I found out about Life Main Frames that run city tempo via traffic light coordination.  Other Life Main Frames may run city grids and control panels in general. Life Main Frames may also house archival systems.

It occurred to me that Life main frames may be running births, beauty, hair growth and a variety of details that maintain and originate mankind.  One thing I heard is that Life Main Frames run peoples animators or the life force in humans and animals that keeps them alive?

I also heard about a Life Main Frame titled “Life M” at the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan that studies human social life over time looking at families in longitudinal studies.

I also heard via taxation systems that Life Main Frames were able to monitor and keep track of all mankind’s income.

If you were to originate a planet today and utilize technology in the birth of the planet what kinds of things might you place on a Life Main Frame? Everything? Some things? Apparently some early scientists and their computers desired to be “all knowing,” especially those in early learning desiring to be “learned” that horded and falsified later knowledge to “throw them off the track.”

One other theory is that humans and animals are designed and birthed on a computer that they remain on for life?  Are the souls of man living on computers?

Another theory is that the trees exist on Life Main Frames, as well as the sun and moon, the weather  and the oceans with their marine life.   Still further the planet itself must exist on a Life Main Frame.




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