Architectural Design and Interior Notes #1

Architectural Design and Interior Notes #1

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu


Set of your life!

Design your holidays in original house design, when choosing wall surfaces and chair colors etc., choose ones that go with holidays, set up holiday and rehearse, formula for a happy life, never stop celebrating holidays, coast from holiday to holiday, plan around calendar

Mints, green, cedar walls, gold printed tiles, reds, toile print wall paper, drummer boy wall paper,

Crispy fantasy blues, magenta and green

Gold printed wall tiles with wood wainscoting, red chairs, holiday magic, golden food, and golden light, golden room

Christmas house sculpted toy furniture, horses, flowers, hand painted, thick woods,

Cottage-Cerulean blue hand painted toy furniture

Bavarian Furniture

Design rooms for nice photography

Nice backdrops, nice dramatic scenes

Shingles, exterior designs, awnings, shutters, face and sweeten house

Change siding for shingles or new material

Turn a baby house into a wood cabin with cedar interior


4 buffet tables -drinks, appetizers, main course, deserts, basic scaffolding for easy entertaining

Steam cabinets with plated and ramekins and replacements for buffet

Reach in-retail drink display refrigerators for a store

Display cabinets for desserts

Muffin cups with candies


Display cabinets for art

Scent room with cedar on walls or cedar chips outdoors

Interesting Signage

Home Sweet Home

Black boards in dining room to announce menu or season or notes

Nooks custom built or buy wooden nooks with benches and install

Many places to roam inside and outside

Private quarters for parents with den

Knock down walls; take a whole room for a closet and personal wardrobe

Pagoda couches

Indoor & outdoor fireplaces

Fire pits

Golden light

Build a room on the river

Boat Garages

Children’s rooms, clean child- washer machine, steamer, ironing board, smart child-office, book shelf

Adding balconies with ease

Develop a water front

Indoor pools safer

Large pieces of agate

Wallpapers for drama, to add color

Murals in pool rooms jungle scenes, café scenes, bike scenes with stationary bicycles in front

Planning library

Give house a claim to fame-make homemade donuts for example or a sport or something distinct that is associated to the house

Plant troughs, indoor gardens, indoor fruit trees, sprout farms

Exercise rooms

Sunset Life

Build long apartment like children’s rooms with their own piano, office, balcony, walk in closet, bookshelf, bathroom and a laundry


Track around property line for exercise etc. depending on property

Patterned carpets and wall to wall kilim carpets

Rugs on the wall

Fireplaces and fireplace mantel shopping to value house


Tennis courts


Pull Barns

Professional Gardens and Farmer style Gardens

Green houses

Indoor gardens

Professional Christmas tree decorations

Outdoor fabric Begonias

Outbuildings, A Frame Houses for camping on your land

Make this house a bird house!

Vistas and panoramas

Professional chef equipment


Stages, theatrical settings

Underground passageways

3 tier above and below a garage

Art studios and planning crafts

Christmas duvets

Architecture is voyeurism


Screening room

A safe room for manuscripts etc.

A kiln and ceramic studio

Frame textiles

Fiber pieces

Paintings and drawing of family members

Music stands and chairs

Drawing horses and easels and chairs

Baby grands

Old organs

Pizza ovens


Ethnic and travels

Access to water

Over-sized claw foot tubs

Roller rinks

Ice skating rinks

Hot tubs

Collecting dishes

Stained glass

Tiled stair fronts (PR or Spanish style)

Costume closet

Flannel shirts, flannel pajamas, flannel sheets

Brick work

Marble baking counters


Tile work









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