Fit, Lean & Beautiful #26

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #26

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu


The long term quest for thicker natural hair persists.  What seems to be effective are things like Pantene Shampoo’s “Curly” line to wave and curl the hair then comb it out for more volume.  What is also nice is to every two months prune back your hair to thicken it and give it a little kick at the ends in your cut.

What also works is a warm, not hot, hair dryer with a diffuser and Aveda Hair Thickening spray which has a wonderful natural aroma.  Apparently hot gives you straighter hair and if you want volume or curl go for warm.  A great blow dry can give you volume by blowing in opposite directions.

Once you have achieved a nice head of natural hair, after all the Biotin etc. go for great skin.  Let attention to your skin take over.  It’s possible to take off 2 layers of skin with a microdermabrasion and 2 more layers with a mandelic peel and be 4 layers younger.

What really helps to soften skin in the winter is a humidifier.  Winter is also the time to resurface skin and smooth it out.  The most beautiful people have well cared for skin.  Get good lotions like Lubriderm or Himalaya.

What comes highly recommended are the FIT BIT Scale and Watch.  Strangely you can enter your ideal weight and the Wi-Fi technology of the FIT BIT tries to match it?  It is as if you can program your weight to decrease.

Getting skinny is a challenge.  You may want skinny fingers and try piano to refine your hands.  You may want skinny legs, and may try thigh high compression stockings.  If you want a skinny stomach try a waist trainer.  If you want all over skinny -lipo, colonic-take out all that stuff that just accrues.  By the time you get to your middle years there’s some accrual to deal with. Between ones accrual and rough birth, plan on looking good in your older years with some care.

Blank slating and removing tattoos and stretch marks and scars and hair may take years to do.

Another recommendation is to acquire a good dentist and make certain your basic scaffolding is in good order.  A good dentist is one that shapes your teeth while they clean them.

Have your hands and body checked for any bumps or rashes etc.  and keep a good dermatologist. There are some little miracle creams out there and good acne medicines like Adapalene from the dermatologist as well as creams like Triamcinolone Acetonide that clears weird little rashes  and scaly hands.

Invest in good athletic shoes and perhaps a pair of insoles to straighten legs or posture.  There are professional places for gauging the correct insole like Running Fit in Ann Arbor, MI.

Heavy perfume can smell very maternal and command respect.  Heavy perfume probably impacts the personality and carries memory.













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