Fit, Lean & Beautiful #27

Fit, Lean & Beautiful #27

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

A boxer’s son once said to prop a broom horizontally across your shoulders and twist back and forth for a good waistline and posture.  You should hold onto the broom on both sides as you twist with it across your shoulders.

Moving can lift an old depression and just change the “set.”  Perhaps one can look into getting a “sunset life” or planting a forest and moving to the center of the forest.

For a new radiance or general glow and to clean the pores try epsom salts with lavender or go to a sauna.  It’s also nice to soak the “gens.”  What can also be incredibly uplifting is Aveeno Stress Relief Body Lotion with Ylang Ylang which smells divine and angelic.  Another wonderful spa type lotion that makes the skin incredibly soft is Himalaya.

A nice simple and inexpensive beauty makeover can be to purchase an eyelash curler to open up the eyes.

A few good stretches for the knees may be things like butt kicks, where you bend your knee and attempt to kick your own buttocks.  Butt kicks are actually used to help remedy knee pain that benefits from deep stretching around the knee area.

One may also benefit from a good detoxification using “Detoxify Ready Clean.”  Ready Clean comes in a 16 oz. red bottle.  The key is to after you drank the juice down to keep refilling that same Ready Clean bottle  with water to purify your body of toxins, smoking, alcohol etc.  You may experience chills as it attempts to clean your blood, you may defecate and urinate alot.  It’s works well to continue drinking water and eating a simple cleansing diet for a few days.

Another good thing that is extremely beneficial when you’re working on your health is looking for good healthy food choices.  One excellent choice is cranberry juice and probiotic yogurt to correct or avoid yeast imbalances or urinary problems.  A nice thing to get at the grocery store are just peanut butter bars by Little Debbie as a sweet and spinach dip with oven toasted pita for breakfast.  Pick up sprouts and carrot juice.  Make delicious salads, even I saw one in several bowls to make a salad bar spread, with dressing and meats and sautéed this and that and layered together on your plate with greens for a gathering.

If you switch to a mostly vegetarian diet, but not vegetarian diet or lots of salads your stool will soften and loosen then your metabolism will start to speed up.  Fruits and vegetables are a quick road to elimination.   Vegetarian can be used as a “diet” to reduce bulk.  However steaks can be good as iron rich foods that are good for anemia and the blood.

What is also a little magic and can be a quick 10 lbs. reduction is dedication to the recumbent bike.  Every time you ride, try to ride 3-5 miles and if you ride 4 times a week it’s easy to have rode 20 miles for example and build up some heat.

What I have also noticed is running after balls gets you a lot of running in, like tennis and basketball’s back and forth.

Another thing I will say is to get your car detailed, shampoo the interior, wax, wipe it down and keep it clean for a beautifier.  Don’t forget the little tree air freshener or new car spray.

When going to create your new look you can think of things like an interesting “part,” (in hair or afro) or side burns or a “smart angel” concept or a nice scientist look.  Perhaps channel Einstein or whomever is your favorite and most fashionable scientist.  There are alot of nice hair ornaments to try out like little leather pieces with a stick or even shop for hats.

Try freshening up a glass of water by dropping in a cardamom seed.

What really may way heavy on your mind if you become a parent is your children’s role models or even your people’s role models.  Try to make being “smart cool.”  Many things on the market were promoting of misogyny, crime, thug life, illiteracy, poor speech, killing, violence, promiscuity, drugs etc.-try to help guide your child/family/people to quality choices in music and dress so they are not dressed up like a criminal. Even “grunge” choices can be extremely either “comfortable” or sometimes dirty looking and unattractive.   It’s good to look and walk and talk smart.  It’s good to promote being smart and making healthy choices and choose health for your life.  What can be one of the most devastating things about smoking, for example, is it may dawn on you that you may not have chosen health; you may have chosen something else that may impact your later years.  Some choices may make you feel ignorant later on.  Many choices you make when you’re young deeply impact your beauty.  It’s like asking yourself will I be beautiful later on?

One really nice thing to invest in is Sirius XM radio for your car and home streaming which includes good news stations, punk rock stations, soul stations plus a kitted out 70’s station which is by far one of the best and highest quality musical decades.



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