Up to Snuff #53: Referencing and Introductions Which May Often Create a Signature Style

Up to Snuff #53:  Referencing and Introductions Which May Sometimes Create a Signature Style

By, Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

Sitting down to formulate a list of key books and media to complement one’s writing with use of references can be challenging.  Very often, for example in the New York Times  Op-Ed,  it’s possible to read about “Dickens” or the epic film “Gone with the Wind,” referenced in an opinion article. Some writers reference classical literature while others introduce compelling language.

Referencing other media that one has poured over, films, Latin or popular culture is very common and can become a part of a writers signature style.  It is incumbent upon the scholar to figure out how to “infer” from Latin and pull things not exactly, but masterfully.  When referencing Latin one may build from roots and associations.  It can season writing to use poetry or observations or descriptions from fine art.

Referencing can be when the scholar starts to utilize his or her reading knowledge.  What can shape a good writer is to research good things to reference in ones writing  and develop a personal book list and media list of cultural items as well as look deeply at art.  It’s possible to also look back in history for good language and research historical words in books and media in a time period.

One may for example, generate a list of interesting words from onomatopoeia or that were used during medieval times or that relate to a specific industry or foreign language.  Researching words to reference can distinguish a novice from a master. It can be wonderful for a writer to research the language they will utilize in their writings.

One may even start a library or a referencing  file of articles or collect DVD’s or photos or images of art works or music.


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