The Art of Liberation and the Universal Public Artist Group and Movement “Liberato,” Liberato Manifesto

The Art of Liberation and the Universal Public Artist Group and Movement “Liberato”

Liberato Manifesto

By Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu

“Liberato” was founded on May 14, 2018 out of Ypsilanti Michigan by Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu after careful consideration of the removal of all impediments in art.  Whether in the city, or without access to monies to fund an art work or access to a manufacturer or the things you can do any place, any time, at any age, regardless of income but dependent on skill and intelligence-“Liberato” was born. Liberato is simply the art of liberation.

Liberato it was decided on this day belongs to all those who connect with its ideas.  Liberato is a universal public art group and movement.

Liberato includes things such as “Prosperous Zero” which is a kind of performance art dependent on a zero derivative.  Prosperous Zero can be something like mime or my me, it can be songs or teachings and kinds of enactments that one performs.  There are many key elements borrowed from acting and performance art that make up Prosperous Zero.  What distinguishes Prosperous Zero is its distinct liberation and anywhere anytime quality.  Usually you can designate a space or create an impromptu stage.  It can be both vocal and silent.  The basic idea is what you can develop by yourself while utilizing your own body.  You may use written work then rehearse it, or story board sequential actions or even compositions. Prosperous Zero has to do with talent, with creative action, and acting out scenes.  The most basic idea is like the gypsy who carries all their belongings with them, Prosperous Zero goes with you all the time and is an extension of you and who you can become.  Prosperous Zero is like an acting gypsy.  Prosperous Zero is supposed to develop ones personality and self-esteem.  Prosperous Zero is also supposed to liberate you from the constraints of time and space or necessities like casting, stage, crew, finance, costume etc.  Prosperous Zero can be based on observations or teachings, songs or studies.  It is a back pocket and cupboard art. One may derive income from Prosperous Zero and teach it in schools of any age group or film or perform it for a fee.  There are Prosperous Zero DVD’s and books like the forthcoming “Art Relevant Juncture,” that will include writings on Prosperous Zero.

Prosperous Zero was also founded by Afua Serwah Osei-Bonsu in about May 2015 after a long period in the hospital with little available to her.

Another component of Liberato is dematerialization in art.  For example one may not physically create an artwork one may “create art in writing.”  Once one has conceived of ideas to remove barriers to art work, another beautiful art work can result.  Liberato includes as a key component writing as a liberated skill that requires very little and is highly transportable.  Art can easily be inserted into writing as can many things.  Liberato also includes writing poetry and poetry recitation.

Another key idea in Liberato is acapella music that includes fire side songs, snaps and clapping.  Making an instrument of yourself in any way or if you like including an instrument. Many instruments are easy to transport or songs easy to remember.  Liberato finds that memorizing songs to be very good for the brains memory function in general.

Drawing is another simple skill that one may easily transport with few tools.

Liberato also includes dance.  Liberato is for all those who ever had an art without a resolution, or ended up in a confined or remote place or just want a life dedicated to liberation or a freedom orientation.  This is an art for creators, perhaps a gypsy’s art that requires good teachers, advanced skills and know how.  Even a PHD may dedicate himself to elements of Liberato for vitality, utility and ultimately to problem solve a lack of financial or spatial or material constraints.

Liberato is an art of oneself, richness or to be rich and without inhibition.  Liberato doesn’t have to be done on the street or done outside, but may be.

It has to do with that feeling of liberation, like when one starts to write, the potential of that skill and the lack of necessity, but the need for knowledge.

The more you develop yourself, the more you are without creative impediment, the more liberated.

Many citizens experience getting degrees in lithography or print design or joining a dance ensemble or an orchestra and have been without the space or studio equipment or  members or not within a city that is conducive to its creation.  One may have chosen a large instrument that is difficult to carry or transport.  You should still have wonderful pianos and cellos at home.  One may have a large idea they cannot afford yet.   Many ideas around liberation may guide one to choose skills with a liberated orientation.  Liberated artists may advance more rapidly by virtue of this choice.







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